Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Neck and neck battle in election

By: Ashtun Welling

  This year election has caused an uncountable number of panic attacks. We all worried about who would be in charge of our country. The only thing that could make us feel a bit better is knowing that neither of them can get to out of hand with checks and balances.
  Donald Trump will be taking office on January 20th. He had 276 electoral votes while Clinton had  218 votes. Many were shocked that Clinton didn’t win just because she would be the first lady in the office. Electoral votes are a general vote of a state. Popular votes are the citizen's input.

    Jim Justice is West Virginia’s new governor. Our Secretary of the state is Mac Warner, State auditor is J.B. McCuskey, State Treasurer is John Perdue, and Agriculture Commissioner is Kent Leonhardt. Finally, our Attorney General is Patrick Morrisey.

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