Thursday, January 26, 2017

Post holiday sales worth your time

By: Brooke Nichols
Everywhere you look from either shopping in the stores to online there are sales happening. The holiday season is over and stores need to get rid of all of their merchandise to bring in new shipments for the spring time.”With Christmas over, there is no harm in shopping for yourself a little bit.” Stores are cutting prices and also having blowout sales on everything they don’t need anymore such as apparel, electronics, guns/bows, jewelry, shoes and much more.
  You might question whether or not the sale is worth it it since some companies offer sales all the time and not just after the holidays, if the sale helps you save money or it gets you what you want while shopping, go for it. If it would just be better to wait, then wait it out; a better deal could come at any moment. The point of the sales happening is that when you see something that is offered only during Christmas time, then you're going to want to use the sale to get it and also save money.
    All kinds of stores are having the sales like Crocs, Charlotte Russe, Bath & Body Works, JCPenney, Rue21, Amazon, Nike, Target, Walmart, Kohl’s, and more. Stores make sales from 20%-80% off, all depending on what they have and how quickly they want to get rid of the products. Some are only a limited time offer and will go away soon. Sometimes, if you really really want it and you can hold out, they could reduce the price a second time. Some sales that are still happening is Bath&body works with up to 75% off some specific items, Rue, Kohl's different % off, etc.
 There is a lot of gambles to consider when shopping sales online and in stores. From how much you will save, to if it would be cheaper to do buy it somewhere else, or at a different time, and also comparing in-store prices to those online. However, most of the time shopping is fun and when you like something just go ahead and buy it while it’s on sale.

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