Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Winter is here, or is it?

By: Hannah Gandee

  With the temperature changing from one day to another- one day freezing and the next comfortably warm- it is easy to forget we’re in the midst of winter. One early dismissal and full snow day gave students hope. With almost half of the winter season come and gone, some students hope the worst is over and others hope for snow days in February.
  “I don’t really like snow, especially if there’s a lot. I hope there won’t be this year,” said junior Shayla Anderson.
  Based on the weather lately that hope seems as if it will be realised. The warmth in the air is unusual for this time of the year.
  Occasionally, we look towards the Farmer’s Almanac because it has a long standing reputation for predicting the weather. However the Almanac is usually only right 80% of the time and this year it was a bit of the ways off. It predicted above average snowfall in the northern states and the below average snowfall down south. As we are in the Northeast, this month we have had little snowfall to match this prediction.
 Junior Alexandra Dean said, “Snow’s a nuisance, I like there not being a lot.”
  The unnatural warmth is seemingly a cause for concern. All the rain received because of the warmth it may cause some fear of flooding. It should have snowed a bit more by now. Instead, all falling precipitation has been in the form of rain, which would have been fine if we were in the middle of a drought. However, we are not and the rainfall has caused water levels to rise.
  With these warmer temperatures we must ask ourselves, what is the cause? Could it be global warming, or is it an example of the unpredictability of nature? Whatever the reason, this warm weather makes us wonder, if it’s warm now what will summer be like?

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