Thursday, February 23, 2017

Boys’ track team being tested

By: Seth Gainey
   The first track practice is February 27. But before the first practice the team has to take the Wonderlic test. The Wonderlic test consists of each runner’s full name and what event they are running. Only the boys’ team is taking the test and the boys have to know the entire boys team.
   “We’re taking a new approach on track this year. Track is going to be more serious,from the team's school work to working hard in practice. We’re taking a step forward during this season.” Coach Michael Bright said.
   Bright is requiring all of his athletes who have a C or below in a core class go to Power Hour until they bring the grade up to a B.
   “The reason I’m making the team acquire and maintain a B average or above is because the runners could lose scholarships if they have bad grades,” Bright stated.
   There are a few runners planning to run in college.
   “I think since Bright is making runners have good grades is a good idea. We don’t want people to lose a potential full ride to college because of poor grades due to focusing on sports,” junior Drew Swisher said. 
   The runners have plenty of time to prepare for the upcoming season because it starts February 27.

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