Friday, February 24, 2017

Coyote hunting comes back

By: Brooke Nichols
  The first coyotes were discovered on September 18, 1804, in present-day Chamberlain, South Dakota.  After the first attacks they have been hunted ever since. Sense then, they have become very popular. The killing of coyotes is because of them attacking people. Mutilating their bodies and the person being so tore up that it leads to their death. So for it to stop happening we decided to start hunting the coyotes.
  According to CNN the first attack by a coyote was on singer/songwriter named Taylor Mitchell from Toronto. On October 23, 2009. She died three days later on October 23, 2009 at age 19. Of injuries and blood loss after coyotes mauled her while she was walking in Cape Breton Highlands National Park's Skyline Trail. Her death is the only known fatal coyote attack on an adult, as well as the only known fatal coyote attack on a human in Canada. But four months prior to Taylor’s fatal incident, an urban coyote bit a two-year-old girl on a playground at Central Elementary School in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia.
  Now, coyote hunting is very popular hobby to do recently with competitions being organized and also trapping them. Coyote season is open continuous, but from January 1st through July 31st allows you to use night vision technology. Competitions are held during the hunting season and there is no limit on the open continuous or the January-July date on how many you can kill.
   Hunting does help with the population control, but there is a certain way that people should go about it. Because your dog, cat, or other housepet could wander into the woods and get caught in the traps or maybe a child, you must be very careful in setting them. This is a good way to regulate the coyote population, just like any other big game animal. Also, while the trapping is legal, it's not very humane because when the animal's foot gets trapped, it tries to free itself by pulling and crying. It will lay there in pain and starving until you come back to check your traps and put it out of its misery. While just simply hunting them is much less inhumane for the coyote because it's shot right then and is not left there to suffer.
  Whether or not the animal attacks that besides the point. Any animal will attack if it feels trapped and has no way out. Trapping is an inhumane way to hunt any kind of animal especially for the animals that they trap wasn't made for.

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