Tuesday, February 14, 2017

DIY Gifts for him or her

 By: Shianna Pennington   
Sentimental, homemade gifts from the heart are always the best way to go when you’ve drawn a blank for gift giving. And they’re also the best if you’re in a pinch for money!
Gifts for him and her
  1. Floral Food Bouquet -  If your partner always has that sweet tooth, this could be the best gift for them! Buy them all of their favorite candy bars, tape them to wooden skewers, then tie them all together and stick them in a nice vase. Then, if you so choose, decorate the vase however you’d like.
  2. Custom photo frame – This gift includes a picture of you and your significant other and song lyrics that remind you of him, poetry, or even a letter to them! Write whatever you choose, placing the picture in the middle and writing around it. Then buy a frame that’s the size of your paper. With this gift they’ll always have that special reminder of you.
  3. Initial Candle – To start, you’ll need to either free hand the design of the initials or design it elsewhere and then print it off. You will then tape it to the candle and firmly trace over it, this will be your path for carving so be careful. Once you have finished tracing, you will need a linoleum cutter, or a pocket knife would do. The line needs to be wide and deep enough to fill in with a marker. Once you have finished carving, fill in with pen or marker of your choice and voila, you’re finished.
  4. 52 Things I Love About You Cards – All this takes is a deck of cards, some glue, and a lot of brainstorming. Think up your 52 reasons as to why you love your significant other and type them or write them up on little pieces of paper. Once you’ve done that, you cut them out and glue one onto each card of the deck. Punch a hole in the top left corner of the deck, place a keychain on it and BAM, 52 reasons why I love you.

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