Friday, February 24, 2017

It’s a Boy!

American Girl makes history
By: Katie Bailey
  American Girl has released its first boy doll in 31 years of Mattel’s history. His name is Logan Everett, a drummer in a boy band. His birth is a huge change in the company’s traditional work, making it more acceptable for boys to play with dolls.
  In the past, American Girl’s traditional work has been female dolls that can come with a story based on a particular time or place. They also can be customized to look exactly or fit the liking of the child buying it. It was a way for girls of all ages to collect and play.
  To further diversity from their traditional all-girl figures, the American Girl franchise decided to design a boy doll hoping to boost sales. Their revenue was flat last year at $570 million after a long period of constant growth.
  There has been criticism over the idea of a boy doll entering the realm of a girl world with the stereotype that girls play with dolls. This new doll encourages boys of all ages to collect and play.     
  Even with this stereotype a spokeswoman for Mattel said, “The company remained committed to its historical characters and that customers had been asking for a boy doll for a very long time.”
  For many it is important to let boys explore in the realm of dolls for social skills, non-gender specific stereotypes, and it can teach them to be good fathers in the future.
  Logan is priced at $115 like most of the other American Girl dolls and comes with his very own storybook. Male dolls are not available for customization; Everett is the only boy piece available at this time.

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