Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Optimus Prime of phones finally constructed

By: Katie Bailey
  Motorola recently designed a phone that can transform itself into many different devices. The Moto Z’s design is ultra thin and claims to have unlimited possibilities with its added on features. These features can be changed in a snap with Moto Mods, an interchangeable back with powerful magnets that turn your imagination to reality.
  The Moto Mods must be bought separately from the phone include:
  • The Hasselblad True Zoom ($299.99) is a mod used for turning your phone into a camera with 10x optical zoom, xenon flash, and physical shutter and zoom controls. The zoom on this mod is more capable than the one already attached to the phone. The image is less likely to blur at a close zoom.
  • The JBL Soundboost Speaker ($79.99) creates stereo sound anywhere, includes a built-in kickstand and gives your phone 10 hours extra battery life. This can be important when you are listening to music, and cannot plug your phone in.
  • The Moto Insta-share Projector ($299.99) projects up to 70” on any surface, works from almost any angle, and lets you project your streamed movies, photos, shows, or presentations. This could be enjoyable for a movie marathon with your friends.
  • As for the Incipio offGRID Power Pack ($59.99), it gives your phone 22 hours of extra battery life, has a sleek integrated design so there is no extra bulk, is available in Kate Spade New York and TUMI designs.
  • The Incipio Vehicle Dock ($64.99) is great for the car. It includes a magnetic phone mount, Android Auto compatibility, 15W fast charging, and hassle-free setup.
  • You can add your own dash of style to your phone that can be switched in seconds for any mood with the Moto Style Shell ($19.99). It surfaces premium materials such as real wood and authentic leather.
  • The last Moto Mod is the Mophie Juice Pack ($79.99). It gives your phone 60% more battery life, fast charges separately or attached, and includes and Efficiency Mode for even more power, which can be very helpful for hiking trips or long car rides.
  Are these Moto Mods really worth the money? Most of the Moto Mods seem outrageous with the prices included. With the Moto Z costing from $699.99-$720 (depending on your carrier). The add-ons can can really add up.
  Of course in comparison, the Beats Pill and Bose speakers can cost up to $200, which is more expensive than Moto’s Soundboost. To buy a decent Canon Digital Camera the price can range between $300 and $400. Again compared to the Moto Mod, the deal for the Moto Mod seem outstanding.
  To many the phone seems amazing. It has so many transforming features and makes it easier to carry around. Others see it as an idea great for the time but a waste of money once the upgrade comes around.

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