Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Valentine's Day activities for a budget

By: Anna Sheets

  Valentine's Day is here and there are a number of ways to celebrate, from just hanging out after school with your boo to going to dinner and a movie. Here are a few ways to celebrate your significant other without breaking the bank (or having to plan a lot!).
A Romantic Walk
  As much as we’d all love some snow days this year, it just doesn’t seem to be happening. This can work in your favor, however. The weather is cool but not too cold to go for a nice walk after school, whether it be around Cedar Lakes, around town, or just around the campus; walking and talking is a great way to spend time together without having to plan or spend a lot of money.
A Really Great High-Five
  If you are truly at a loss at what to do for your significant other (SO) today and really did not plan anything at all, find a small victory during your day and prompt a high-five. Because it is Valentine’s Day, though, it must be the best of all high-fives, the most romantic, earth-shattering, perfectly centered, perfectly timed high-five. This high-five must overshadow all other high-fives in the future so that your significant other knows that you alone give the best high-fives. This may be a more stressful gift, though, as the pressure to perform can be all too real, but it will all be worth it if you nail it.
  This timeless option is cheap and gives you the opportunity to demonstrate how well you know your bae. You can always buy your SO their favorite candy or chocolate, or even pastry. The fastest way to the heart is through the stomach! Also, if you’re celebrating this weekend, all the candy goes on sale on Feb. 15!
Spontaneous Singing or Dancing
  If you are feeling bold this year, a good way to demonstrate your love to your boyfriend or girlfriend (and the rest of the room) is to serenade them with their favorite song or sweep them off their feet with an impromptu dance number. This gift takes guts, but will not soon be forgotten by your honey, or any bystanders!

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