Monday, March 20, 2017

Best places to hide Easter eggs for younger kids, older kids, or even your friends

By: Calista Boggess
  Hiding eggs on Easter has been a tradition for years. The story of the Easter Bunny has been around since the 19th century. Rabbits are a symbol of new life because when they give birth they have large litters so when the bunny hides and decorates eggs, is also a symbol of new life.
  Children love egg hunts so creating them for younger siblings, cousins, or other kids you know is always a good time filled with smiles. However, thinking of hiding places can be stressful. There are hunts inside and outside so that is double the hiding spots to create.
  For younger children, eggs should be hidden in easier places to find and reach. Outside eggs can be hidden in large grass patches, flower beds, in bushes, on the playground, inside the doghouse, or anywhere low to the ground so they are easy to reach. Inside eggs can be hid in a pile of toys, inside shoes, under the couch, in the cookie jar, or in the microwave.
  Older kids might want the eggs to be hidden in more difficult places so it is a challenge. Outside could include in trees, inside or on cars, in the entrance of a pipe, under the porch, in a tire swing, inside a grill, places they have to look up, or just in less obvious locations. Inside could include in jacket pockets, in an egg carton, in a lamp where the bulb goes, attached to a pets collar, in a cereal box, or on top of the ceiling fan.
  Easter egg hunts aren't only for kids though. Teens or even adults can get in on the actions. Create an easter scavenger hunt throughout town where each egg includes clues to where the next one is hidden like in a library or the local park. One thing with that is you have to hide them extra hard so people who aren’t playing won’t be able to easily find them and mess with the eggs. Play the confetti egg game where you hide regular plastic eggs around with one filled with confetti. When an egg is found, participants smash the egg on top of other players’ heads and whoever gets confettied wins the grand prize.  
 No matter what age Easter egg hunting can be fun for all because there is something for everyone.

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