Monday, March 13, 2017

Cheap spring break 2k17 saves money

By: Calista Boggess
  Spring break is from March 27-31. Fun places to visit include the usual Disney, indoor water parks, amusements parks, beaches, or the more expensive trip, traveling to another country. However, some of the less common trips include going to a national park, a museum, camping, or a concert. There are also some fun cheap things to do at home with friends or with family.
1.     Plan your own water field day in your backyard with giant slip-and-slides and sprinklers. You can get light duty tarps at Walmart for under $3 each; wide enough for a two person race. Place your tarp preferably down a hill, not too steep, or somewhere in your backyard. Buy a ton of dish soap to make it slippery. If possible place near a hose so it is easiest to get it wet. Place the hose at the top of the hill so there is a steady stream of water. If you have a lake or pond that’s fairly clean, you can slide into that, but if not baby pools work great as well but not the plastic ones. Use inflatables to slide down on in case there are rocks or bumps in your yard so it doesn’t hurt. With the slip-and-slide there can also be water balloon fights, relay races, corn hole, and many other activities to make this water field day a blast.
2.     Grab your four-wheeler, jeep, ATV, or truck and go mudding. Taking to your rambunctious side can always be fun, and driving through mud holes shows it. Also, I predict water fights as you wash the cars off later.
3.     Have an at home movie night with blanket forts. The best way to build a fort is with blankets or sheets, pillows, heavy objects such as books, clothes pins, safety pins, and chairs. Start by putting the chairs to form a square shape facing away from each other. Use a big blanket or a sheet, since it is lightweight and will stay up easier, or if you have smaller blankets safety pin them together. Lay them overtop of the chairs. Use books or other heavy objects and put them on top of the seat part of the chair. Use clothespins to keep the blanket in place by pinning the blanket to the top of the chair. Add blankets, pillows, and maybe some Christmas lights if you are feeling festive. Make sure you create this in front of a TV. Grab movies, snacks, and a friend and you are ready to party.
4.     Go Geocaching. Geocaching is like an international scavenger hunt where prizes are hidden in parks, on streets, in trees, etc. This can be only about the adventure, only about the prize, or both for some. When these prizes are found you take one out and put something else in to become a prize for another geocacher. These range from small, pencils and bead necklaces; to medium, figurines and small toys; to large, bigger toy or no toys. Some large prizes are tiny so they are harder to find and all they have is a log in them. When you find a prize you sign your name in the log which they all should have. There is a free app on the app store than can be downloaded to the iPhone or a Samsung phone, and a website you can sign up for for free. This app uses longitude and latitude to direct you to prizes. However, if you want to find the biggest and best prizes the premium version costs $30 per year.

Hopefully one of these sounds interesting and fun to you so you can have a fun, affordable spring break.

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