Friday, March 10, 2017

FFA awards banquet

By: Brooke Nichols

  The FFA Banquet was held Friday, February 17. Before the banquet, the FFA officers and alumni put together a dinner for the families and guest, then moved to the auditorium. To recognize honored alumni, and sponsors and even FFA members were awarded. For all their hard work and long hours put into competitions, activities, and even the community projects. Some of the awards that were given out to the recognized members and alumni are as follows: scholarship pins, jacket ceremony, and senior cords, agribusiness, and honorary members are some of just the few recognitions given out. The awards were presented by principles Will Hosaflook, Jeff Banton, and Agriculture teachers Craig Canterbury, Trevor Cummings, and John Kessel and even the FFA officers.
  FFA members are known for missing a lot of school for many different things but they are expected to keep their grades up to a 3.25 or higher, which is why the scholarship pin was given out to 38 out of 143 members got the honor of receiving this honor
  Another award recognized was the jackets that sponsors give money to put forward to buying the jackets and then given out to students. To receive one of the jackets, students were required to write an essay of “What the FFA jacket means to them”. And everyone that wrote an essay ended up receiving a jacket.And then the jackets were given out to these students.
  Lexi Knopp says, “It’s an honor getting another FFA jacket because it represent so much and it feels good to get in official dress and put the blue suede jacket on to show what i've accomplished.”
  Another one of the many things recognized was the seniors that were given their cords for graduation. The cords are blue and gold with a FFA emblem on them. They submitted baby pictures and recent pictures and they had a senior tribute of how different all seniors have become since we have grown up.
  Kat Stewart said, “Being a senior and leaving this schools is sad, but I know I’ll always have a family in the FFA chapter and can always be apart of something bigger than myself alone.”
  Three students were also recognized for Star Agribusiness, Star Farmer, and Star Green Hand. The students that were recognized in those three categories are Samantha McClain in star agribusiness, Desi Rose in star farmer, and Alexis Knopp in star green hand. They received money for winning and also they received a plaque on stage at the banquet for their outstanding work.
  Sadly a few days after having the banquet the FFA chapter, friends, family and local community lost David Bourgeois on February 28. He was a former FFA teacher, a loving man that touched many lives with everything he did. In the dedication to a great man gone but never forgotten in all the amazing things he did with everyone with the FFA chapter. The FFA chapter wore official dress to school and took black ribbon and placed it through the middle of the FFA emblem on their jackets. It was a privilege that he got to attend the last FFA banquet and be able to give him his award.

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