Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Love is Green

November Piece of the Month
from the Creative Writing Class

By: Levi Simpkins

It’s 3:46 in the morning, we’re sitting in the back seat of my friend’s sprinting car as we drive down these small town roads I know so well. My hand is resting on your thigh as your drowsy head rests on my shoulder. Short beams of light dart in through the window, temporarily illuminating the emerald green rings around your beautiful hazel eyes. For a minute I sit there and think.
I think about how the green in your eyes are the same green as the trees in summer, fading out into a vibrant amber in autumn.
I think about us and how we have grown. People usually associate the colors red or pink with romance, but when I think of you and I, the color that comes to mind is green.
If everyone else’s love were flower beds, our love would be the Garden of Eden. Your tenderness and devotion has planted vibrant roses in my heart and lush greenery in my lungs and even to this day when I speak to you, the butterflies flutter back to my chest, searching for the sweet nectar of your affection.

 I think about those nights we spent together killing time, one in particular we spent laying in the middle of the parking lot of some abandoned building beside one another. Our only company the street lights and the moths that danced around them. The dark November sky was the same color as your hair and the pale glow of moonlight escaping the clouds bounced off your porcelain skin. As we looked up into the night sky we saw a shooting star, I wished that you and I would be forever. You asked me if I would ever leave you, I told you I couldn’t if I tried. My roots have burrowed deep into the rich soil of you. You have nourished me, my branches have grown so long that I feel like I could touch the clouds, and my leaves are the same shade as the green in your eyes. And if these roots are ever torn from the ground, my god will it hurt, but for now I will be ecstatic with the place I am in as long as that place is with you.

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