Thursday, March 16, 2017

Try Cinderella's closet

By: Brooke Nichols
As a little girl you always loved the idea of dressing up, looking pretty, and having a date just like the Disney princess Cinderella. As you get older you go to dances, but you can’t wait to be a junior or senior and go to the prom. Because prom is just one of those special days and for some the last dance of being in high school, even though you dream about having the most perfect dress and the perfect date,  finances may be too tight to pay out that fantasy.
 So  at Ripley High Cinderella's Closet is something that Anne Hancock inherited from the former choir director. It used to be housed in the Annex teacher's lounge, but the choir director before her decided she would take it on as a project to be housed in the Music Building.
  Hancock says, “I am the only faculty member that oversees the Closet, but I do have several students who are very enthusiastic helpers when it comes to helping their peers choose their items.”
  She also has several pairs of shoes, costume jewelry, some hair accessories, sample-sized lipsticks and eyeliner.  She also has a box of corsages that are made of silk flowers.  The Cinderella Closet is open to any young lady at Ripley High who wants to attend any dance or formal event - school or otherwise - who needs something appropriate to wear.  There are a lot of ladies at Ripley High who have donated gently used dresses, shoes, and costume jewelry to the Closet.  Some faculty members have donated, also; as new items have come in, some of the older, outdated dresses and shoes have been donated to Goodwill or used for fabric for some of the costumes for the spring musical last year.  
  The closet is like having your own fairy godmother; it's filled with dresses that you can borrow and wear to prom, homecoming, or any dressy event you can think of. The Cinderella Closet is a selection of formal dresses, from size 0 to size 26, in many different styles and colors, all kept in the choir storage area.
To try on the dress you just have to go down to the music building and speak with Hancock. She or one of the girls that helps out will take you back to Cinderella’s closet and let you look around and choose. Or, if you’re not sure and you need help, there are many girls and even Hancock herself would be glad to jump in. Then, you can go to the bathroom and try them on. If you like the dress and or tux, then Hancock will let you take it with you to wear, but you have to bring it back.
  If you’re a boy though and Cinderella doesn’t have what you’re looking for maybe ask a friend or you could talk to Hancock, principal, or faculty member and they could help you out in some way. So you can enjoy yourself and feel good about yourself during your special occasion or event.
  Don’t be shy go down to Cinderella’s closet and borrow a beautiful dress and or tux. Go to the dance with the perfect dress and your perfect date. Have the night of your life with no worry of how much this or that cost just have fun and slay the night.

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