Friday, April 28, 2017

Harry Styles goes solo

By: Seth Gainey
  British singer Harry Styles announced early June that he decided to go solo. He wants to write his own story.
   “I want to write my own story, when I was part of 1D I couldn’t do that. But now I’m going to write stories about what has happened in my life,” Styles told Rolling Stone.
  Styles’s new album is expected to drop on May 12. There will be 10 songs in the albums. A few are Meet me in the Hallway, Sign of the Times, Carolina, and Two Ghosts. Styles’s favorite kind of music is rock and roll, so his music will be in that genre.
  Styles’s favorite thing to sing about is love. Rumors are sprouting that he has a girlfriend that he sings about, but he won’t announce who it is.
  But, One Direction could get back together.
   “I love the band and would never rule out anything in the future. The band gave me my life, and it gave me everything,” Styles stated to Rolling Stone.
  He is expected to have a successful career. I guess we’ll find out when his new album drops.

Where you should go for your senior trip

By: Shianna Pennington
1. One of the top choices for a senior trip would be Sandusky, OH. Sandusky is home to Cedar Point- an amusement park that holds many world records for roller coasters. If you were to go to Sandusky solely for Cedar Point, you can go directly through the park’s website and get package deals for tickets to the two parks, the amusement and water parks, and a hotel room.
  While many think about nothing but the beach for a senior trip, you’d still be in luck! There are several different beaches along the coast of Lake Erie. There are several other things in Sandusky besides Cedar Point though. Sandusky is also home to the Great Wolf Lodge Waterpark, Castaway Bay Waterpark, and a Ghostly Manor Thrill Center. There also putt putt golf places, and all kinds of restaurants. A huge bonus is that it is only three hours away from home, so it is definitely an easy drive!
Cost - 3 out of 5 stars
Travel - 5 out of 5
Entertainment - 5 out of 5

2. Another top choice for a senior trip place would be Myrtle Beach, S.C Yes it is very cliche. “Oh everybody goes to Myrtle for their senior trip.” But there is definitely a reason behind that! The local businesses and hotels know that seniors choose this for their vacation spot, something is always happening and always something to do. There is Broadway at the Beach, Myrtle Beach Skywheel, Myrtle Beach State Park, and so many other things. They even host a “Senior Week” which this year will be May 27 through July 1. They will host several different events and when you buy your Senior Week MyrtleManiac Card, it gives you free covers, discounted cab rides, discounted food, discounted entertainment and a free senior week 2017 t-shirt. You will be celebrating the end of your 12 years of schooling with thousands of graduates from around the country. It is a 7 and a half hour drive from Ripley, which definitely makes it a place you could drive to.
Cost- 3 out of 5 stars
Travel - 3 out of 5 stars
Entertainment- 5 out of 5 stars

3. The last place that I would pick as an awesome place for a senior trip is New Smyrna Beach, Fl. New Smyrna is quiet place, and pretty much family-oriented, which is perfect if you’re not wanting to party like crazy while on your trip, but do want to relax after years of educational stress. The beach there is beautiful with  so many things to do and keep you busy. Along the walk through the main part of town there are many cute little shops and bars, and all the bars close around 9 or 10. There aren’t crazy drunk people running around all over the place. You can rent scooters and ride around on the beach, there are boat tours, dolphin and whale watching, putt putt golf and of course, the beach! With beautiful water and white sand. The only downfall to going to New Smyrna for your senior trip is that it is almost a 12 hour drive from Ripley.
Cost- 3 out of 5
Travel - 2 out of 5
Entertainment - 5 out of 5

Ravenswood Restaurant declares itself “House of Crepes”

By: Ashtun Welling
The Skiff is a new restaurant in Ravenswood, which opened in January on 205 Washington street, in the former Greasy Spoon Barbecue location. The little shop has a few kinks to work out since it’s just starting out. They are opened Monday-Friday 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. Their menu is full of yummy breakfast food; waffles, crepes, fresh fruit smoothies, muffins, eggs, and more. The most expensive item on the menu is a $6.67 steak and cheese crepe. The average price for their food is $3.79, you could easily bring $30 to get something from each section of the menu if you wanted too. I ordered a strawberry cream filled crepe overall it was pretty good but it was smallish. I suggest ordering more than one crepe so you don’t go home hungry. The Mango Delight smoothie is definitely a favorite of mine. Overall this is a great place to eat if you love cheap food. 

Project Glam gives it the ole razzle-dazzle

By: Calista Boggess
   Project Glam is a new program that was started at the High School by YLA and advisers Cassie Griffith, Kristin DeWees. Project Glam does drawings for hair and makeup to be done before prom or other dances. Also, people donate dresses so others who do not have a dress for a dance can; there were about 40 dresses brought in. This is similar to the school’s Cinderella’s closet.
   Junior Presley Fisher talked to some of the teachers at Point Pleasant High School in January and came to Griffith with the idea of what is now Project Glam. Griffith talked to some of the administrators who were in charge at Point Pleasant and began the project in March.
   “It feels amazing to know that there are people here that care enough to give to the program, and they understand some girls don’t have that option. It feels good to give girls the opportunity to feel like a princess for a night,” said Fisher.
   A raffle was held where any student could put their name in to get their hair and makeup done for free by the cosmetology students from Roane County Vo-Tech. The Jackson county cosmetology students will likely return the favor by doing hair and makeup for the Roane County High School. Because this is a new program, not many students put their name in the drawing. All four won.
   “There were about 20 girls in my room on Saturday. They had a lot of fun,” said Griffith. 
   Project Glam will be continued next year and hopefully many more years to come. Griffith and DeWees hope Project Glam will expand and be well known throughout the school. Since it is still very new they were pleased with the participation this year. The people involved were optimistic to continue this program in the future.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Variety Show rolls around again

By: Anna Sheets

  It’s that time of the year again - the variety show is coming up again. Friday, April 28, the students will have their opportunity to showcase their talents, with everything from beat boxing and singing to unicycling and dunking on Mr. Hossaflook.
  Freshman Hayden Scott said, “I’m feeling mostly excited and a little nervous. Everyone I’ve talked to about my plan to preform has been encouraging. I plan on including modern memes and logos in my act.”
  This year’s Variety Show will be hosted by Seniors Brianna Ware and Elijah Washington.
  “I’m super hyped to host the event and keep the crowd laughing throughout the show,” said Ware.
  Social Studies teacher Justin Johnson is in charge of the Variety Show this year, not only scheduling the lineup and getting the auditorium ready, but also arranging the lights and doing all the music from backstage during the show.
  “I love putting on the variety show every year. Students get nervous to perform, but we really have a great student body that is energetic and supportive of their peers. If students want to perform, they absolutely should; they could discover a new passion or talent.”

  Students can sign up for the variety show in Johnson’s.The Variety Show will take place in the auditorium during the second half of the day on Friday, April 28, and the cost of admission will be $1. It does not cost anything to perform in the show.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Apple joins Project (RED)

By: Katie Bailey
  Apple has created a partnership with (RED), a group that supports HIV/AIDS programs. They provide counseling, testing, and medicine that prevents the transmission of HIV from a mother to her unborn baby. (RED) seeks to raise awareness and funds to help eliminate HIV/AIDS in eight African countries.
  Apple so far has raised over $130 million through the sale of (RED) products. These products include:
  • special edition iPhone 7
  • leather, silicone, and smart battery cases for iPhones
  • Apple watch sport band
  • the beats solo3 wireless headphones
  • Beats pill+ portable speaker
  • iPod devices including the iPod shuffle, nano, and touch
  • silicone and smart cases for the iPad
  Apple’s site states that every (RED) purchase contributes directly to the global fund to fight Aids. Just one dollar provides three days of life-saving medicine.
  When a (RED) product is purchased, Apple sends a contribution to the Global Fund. The fund then uses 100% of this money to finance HIV/AIDS programs. This contribution from Apple helps people affected by HIV in Ghana, Lesotho, Rwanda, South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania, Kenya, and Zambia.
  If you would prefer to support this cause without purchasing an Apple product, they have left a place at the bottom of the page where you can directly contribute to the Global Fund. This can be found at

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Rock band Journey comes to Huntington

By: Shianna Pennington
  Tuesday June 27, the band Journey with special guest Asia, will be performing at the Big Sandy Superstore Arena in Huntington.
  The group formed in 1973 with original members including Gregg Rolie on the keyboard, George Tickner on rhythm guitar, Aynsley Dunbar and Mike Baird on drums, Robert Fleischman and Steve Perry as lead vocals, and Randy Jackson on bass guitar. They released their first album in April of 1975, titled ‘Journey’.
   Some of Journey’s most popular songs include “Don’t Stop Believin’”, “Separate Ways”, and “Open Arms”. Throughout their career, the band has earned 19 Top 40 Singles and 25 gold and platinum Albums. Journey has released a total of 14 albums since they got together in 1973. They continue to tour, but no longer have all the original members. While touring in 2017, their members will include Steve Smith on drums, Jonathan Cain on keyboard, Ross Valory on bass, Arnel Pineda as lead vocals, and Neal Schon as the lead guitar.
  The group Asia, who will be performing after Journey, debuted their first album in March 1982 and it was titled ‘Asia’. Their first album consisted of nine songs, some of which are “Heat of the Moment”, “Only TIme Will Tell” and “Sole Survivor”. All of the members had come from different bands that fell apart, but they all wanted to make music, and play together, which gave this band the chance to succeed.
  The ticket prices range from $39.90 to $350 for the VIP Party Package. This package includes one premium reserved tickets in rows 2 through 10, pre-show reception with drinks and appetizers (beer, wine and soft drinks), Journey tote bag containing exclusive VIP merchandise- Commemorative VIP laminate, and pre-show merchandise shopping opportunity.

  This will definitely be a show for the books and not one I would want to miss!

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Bowling team added to MSAC, RHS

By: Maisie Stout
Beginning next year, Ripley High will have a much-awaited bowling team. Because bowling is now considered a sport by the MSAC, the athletic department decided that it would be a good sport that could include everyone.The team will be open to all of the bowling lovers at our school and will consist of a coed varsity bowling team of four people, and a JV bowling team made of four more people. To accommodate the bowling team, a bowling alley will be built on the other side of the Board Office. This would cut the junior parking lot in half but it would be for a worthy cause.
        “I have bowled every Friday since I was three. I have been waiting for a bowling league to include our school. I am so excited,” junior Katelin Sinclair said.
        The bowling team, the “Ripley Bowl-kings” will be competing against teams from all over the state. Anyone interested in joining the bowling team should see social studies teacher John Smith for more details. Tryouts are scheduled for the end of September so that members can prepare for an intense first season.
        “This is a really big deal to me because I have always loved bowling. I am really excited to see what our student bowlers are capable of,” Smith said.

Ripley High Schools updates security due to inappropriate uses of technology

By: Seth Gainey

   Ripley High School has updated its security by adding metal detectors and x-ray machines at the front door.  This new rule and upgraded security will start on May 2 of this year. Some students parents have complained that the school needs more security. Principal Will took this under consideration and knew he needed to protect the students of this school.
 “The students safety is my number one concern. The cannot learn in an environment where they are threatened or distracted,” Principal Will stated.
  There will be new rules as well. Students cannot use scissors at school anymore because, they could be dangerous if used in the wrong manner.  Students will not be able to carry phones anymore. Teachers and other workers came to an agreement and removed them because they are  distraction to students trying to learn. Phones are also dangerous because students are sending offensive memes to each other.
  “I witnessed a columbine meme and I was concerned for my own safety,” Freshman Ima Tarra Fyde.
  There will be metal detectors at every door of the school. Students will be checked to make sure they are not carrying anything that the shouldn’t be.
   The cameras on all the Macbooks will always be in use and it is now against school policy to cover the lens. The administration will constantly be watching students to ensure that they are not breaking any rules that will endanger themselves or their fellow classmates. This will also be in effect during home use.
  “I think my son, Paul Noodle, will benefit greatly from these security upgrades because he can further his education without being threatened or afraid,” Parent Brenda Noodle stated.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Board of Education closes off parking lots

By: Shianna Pennington  
  National Walk to Work Day is to be celebrated April 7. In honor of this national day, the Board of Education has chosen to celebrate by closing off all the parking lots on the Ripley High School Campus. No student or teacher will be allowed to park on school grounds. The purpose of closing off the parking lots is to get the students and faculty to walk to school. The buses will still run their routes, but will drop all students off at the bottom of South Hill and they will walk from there.
  “I think this is pretty dumb, but I guess we don’t have a choice. I think making us walk one day won’t help a thing,” said senior Selena Lanham.
  “Nobody at the Board of Education will be driving or parking on campus either. The parking lots will be closed off with the help of local police, and not one single vehicle will be on Ripley High Campus April 7.” says Superintendent Blayne Hess.
 “This is going to make us look like such a healthy school and that all of our students and staff are in great shape!” said Nurse Stover.
  Nationwide this day is celebrated in order to get people out and to be more active. Ripley is doing it as a means to make students and faculty more awake and ready to start their day. It also a  means to get students more active. We sit in classrooms for 7 and half hours a day, with 5 minute breaks in between 45 minute class periods. The most activity many students get is walking between their classes, and teachers even less because they stay in one single classroom for the entire day.
  “I myself am going to be running from my house to school on this day, showing to the students and the rest of the faculty that nobody is excluded.’ said Principal William Hosaflook.


All MacBooks being locked down in May

By: Anna Sheets

 The deployment of Macbooks to the entire student body for the 2016-2017 school year has proved to be as problematic as it has been effective. Due to the misuse of the machines, such as gaming and streaming music or videos, there have been three different levels of punishments designed to counteract student’s specific offenses.
  The first level and most basic entails all your teachers sending a list of approved websites to technology specialist Mr. Sears, who will then restrict the student’s MacBooks to the specified sites only.
  “I have been restricted on the first level since the second day of school and it has handicapped my ability to research efficiently, but it’s not crippling, by any means. It does help me focus!” Said sophomore Ally Cate.
  The second level is the most commonly used and restricts the Macbooks so that they can only access the lockdown browser and no websites other than Canvas. This makes it difficult for students to do research for their classes, as well as eliminating all streaming possibilities.
  The final level of restriction is when the internet cannot be accessed on the Macbook at all, on the school’s wifi or any other wifi. This makes it very difficult for students to do well in their classes if their teachers are hard to work with.
  “The school has us on paper rations this year anyways - kids getting their macbooks locked down is not helping us conserve our already dwindling supply!” Said English teacher Liz Sayre.
  The excess in gaming and streaming has led to the need for stricter rules. Some students have even been caught on the Deep Web, using browsers such as Torr. Accessing websites on Torr on a government-owned computer immediately flags Homeland Security, which leads to further investigations into a student’s personal browsing history on their home computers and even their cell phones.
     “The deep web is not something to be trifled with; everything from the sale of illegal firearms to people trafficking takes place over browsers like Tor and the Purple Onion,” said Sears.
  There is a lot at risk when students explore browsers that are prone to that kind of crowd, as it brings attention to the school as a whole. Browsing such sites at the school is especially dangerous, in that the IP address of the school can be leaked, leading dangerous people right to the school, endangering the lives of every student at the school.
  “There have been two students thus far in the year that Homeland Security has inquired about due to their browsing history and habits,” Principal Will Hosaflook said when asked about the validity of the rumors.
  Because of the extreme consequences and potentially detrimental outcomes.

Ripley High legend Heckert retires

By: Kindra Sarver

   Longtime teacher and mentor Barbara Heckert has decided to retire after 40 years at Ripley High. Many students, faculty, and advisors believed this day would never come.
   After considering all options Heckert has decided that it is time to end her career here. She wants to start focusing more on the music portion of her life. After moving to New Orleans, LA, Heckert will start her own jazz ensemble.
   “I know my intelligence is something sought after by many students, but I am happiest when I am behind a piano and making music,” said Heckert.

   Though she will no longer be living in Ripley, we still will have opportunities to see Heckert. She plans on touring with her band, and is very persistent that Charleston will be one of the stops.