Monday, April 3, 2017

AP tests are no more this year

By Hannah Gandee

  Advanced Placement tests, the bane of existence for all AP students have been cancelled for the 2016- 2017 school year. The decision came directly from the top of the administration after debates started in February.
  After a week of protesting emails from Bill Round, state administrator, received by Superintendent Blaine Hess, he rescinded his support of the program.
“The tests don’t even guarantee college credit so why should we have them?”, asked senior Blake Reilly.
  While college credit is not guaranteed, that possibility is mentioned when the administration talks to students about signing up for AP classes. However, credit can be granted for college if the test is passed, which would be very helpful to many students in the advanced placement program.
  “I can’t believe they decided  to cancel the tests, was all my work for nothing?” asked junior Eliza Massey.

  Massey is not the only student to be angry about the lack of tests. A student group called Student Speakers will be posting signs around the school about the importance of AP tests April 2.

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