Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Beyoncé’s twin vanishes

By: Katie Bailey
  Beyoncé is coming up on seven months in her pregnancy with a secret that not many of her fans could handle. About six to seven weeks in her first trimester, one of Beyoncé’s fetuses vanished. This condition, widely known as Vanishing Twin Syndrome, is when a twin in the uterus disappears during pregnancy as a result of a miscarriage of one twin.
  Beyoncé tried all she could to keep this secret to avoid too much publicity of her new child. Trusting her family, she only told a few hoping it would stay quiet, but word got out anyhow. Her doctor, Jack Erikson, is being charged with a HIPAA violation. News reporters have admitted to bribing the doctor with a large amount of money that has not been released, but Erikson denies everything.
  “You can check my bank statements to see if I have put any large amount in lately,” said Erikson at his first court date on Monday. “I am innocent and the news reporters just want a ‘juicy’ story.”
  As for Beyoncé, she is denying the vanishing of her twin. Even though the word is spreading quick, an inside source has claimed she will have a ‘stunt baby’ at the hospital with her while giving birth. The famous singer will take pictures with both her baby and the other newborn until she can clone the biological child.

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