Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Board of Education closes off parking lots

By: Shianna Pennington  
  National Walk to Work Day is to be celebrated April 7. In honor of this national day, the Board of Education has chosen to celebrate by closing off all the parking lots on the Ripley High School Campus. No student or teacher will be allowed to park on school grounds. The purpose of closing off the parking lots is to get the students and faculty to walk to school. The buses will still run their routes, but will drop all students off at the bottom of South Hill and they will walk from there.
  “I think this is pretty dumb, but I guess we don’t have a choice. I think making us walk one day won’t help a thing,” said senior Selena Lanham.
  “Nobody at the Board of Education will be driving or parking on campus either. The parking lots will be closed off with the help of local police, and not one single vehicle will be on Ripley High Campus April 7.” says Superintendent Blayne Hess.
 “This is going to make us look like such a healthy school and that all of our students and staff are in great shape!” said Nurse Stover.
  Nationwide this day is celebrated in order to get people out and to be more active. Ripley is doing it as a means to make students and faculty more awake and ready to start their day. It also a  means to get students more active. We sit in classrooms for 7 and half hours a day, with 5 minute breaks in between 45 minute class periods. The most activity many students get is walking between their classes, and teachers even less because they stay in one single classroom for the entire day.
  “I myself am going to be running from my house to school on this day, showing to the students and the rest of the faculty that nobody is excluded.’ said Principal William Hosaflook.


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