Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Cosmetology course cures baldness

By: Calista Boggess
  The Cosmetology Department at the Roane-Jackson Technical Center has found a solution to baldness!
  Three weeks ago while the department was trying to create a more efficient hair dye that leaves no stains, student Joselyn Swartz, accidentally knocked her mango smoothie into the mixture.
  “I thought the hair dye was ruined. It turned all brown and and gross. I thought it might explode!” said Swartz.
  Mangos, the substances secret ingredient, are rich in carotene which helps hair grow. When mixed with the other chemical substances the cosmetology team used for hair dye, it created the ultimate hair loss solution. When rubbed onto the skin, hair will begin to sprout in less than an hour. By the end of the day the hair will be voluminous, silky, and soft. The hair will never fall out again due to the effect of the chemicals that were used in the original ingredients.
  Baldees are lining up outside of the Cosmetology Department’s doors waiting to try out this product. The line wraps around the whole Vo-Tech center, and any teacher or Vo-Tech student can get their balding head done for free. This has caused some Vo-Tech classes to be cancelled over the last couple of days since teachers are stuck in line.
  “I’m supposed to be teaching but instead I’m standing in line. It is totally worth it because by tomorrow I won't look like an egg anymore!” said teacher Jonathan Moore.
  Each square inch of scalp covered in the solution costs $15. With all of this extra income the cosmetology course can afford more products to help teach.
  “We have gained a lot of money due to our new hair loss product, and now we can afford to expand our wing and create our own salon at the Vo-Tech center,” says teacher Monica French.
  The Cosmetology Department is thinking about branching out and creating their own business away from the Vo-Tech center since their hair solution has become so popular. However, some students say they would rather sell this product to L’Oreal and use the money for whatever the Cosmetology Department needs.
 This new hair loss product will win awards and become the biggest, best product on the market no matter if they sell it to L’Oreal or create their own business. It will be up there with the iPhone, car, and other great inventions.

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