Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Decision to consolidate Jackson Co. is made

By: Maisie Stout
  Doubts have now been confirmed as the merger of Ravenswood and Ripley High Schools has been made official. It has been rumored for years that the two rivals would come together, but the idea has always been met with great controversy. On one side, many people think that it would be best for our county to have one large high school instead of two varied high schools. On the other side, tradition triumphs practicality as the rivalry between the high schools is too important to some residents of Jackson County. But either way, the Board of Education decided that next school year Jackson Consolidated would be the only high school for students in Jackson County.
  Plans to construct the new Jackson Consolidated High School will begin the day after graduation. Instead of having finals this year, Principal Will Hosaflook has agreed to enlist all of the remaining classes at Ripley High to help construct the new school. Where will this new facility be located? Well in order for Ripley High to have one last win over Ravenswood, it was decided to have Jackson Consolidated built around Ripley’s current campus. For this idea to work, the BOE bought out the houses on 3rd and 4th avenue directly behind the school and plan to tear them down by May 12. After demolition is finished, the buildings that are currently Ravenswood High School will be picked up and moved to the newly vacated area. Once all of the construction is finished, all that will be left to do is paint and redesign the school.

  There will be a poll at the end of April for students to suggest new school colors and a mascot.


  1. There isn't a 4th Avenue. Is this story evening really? I feel like I'm reading the Onion.

  2. Did you even read it?? "Hosaflook has agreed to enlist all remaining classes at Ripley High School to help in the construction" rather than take finals... load of garbage.

  3. This is also the student newspaper of Ripley High. Not a validated source but a way for Ripley to have a good laugh.

  4. I thank it is a little bit much but we will see what happens if so there will be a lot of fighting going on don't know that for sure but I think there will be a lot of trouble..just saying

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