Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Finger guns pose threat to school

By: Calista Boggess
  If guns aren’t allowed in school why should items and symbols that represent them be allowed?
  Many teens believe having to actually speak a response seems like too much work. Just throw up some hand guns and they speak for themselves saying, okay, cool beans, or I gotchu man. This is fun and games until someone takes it too far and decides to bring a real gun to school.
  Next school year is when a “finger gun ban” will begin, and this is the most important rule added to the school guidelines. If shirts with tobacco aren’t allowed in school because they represent doing drugs, then finger guns should not be allowed. With so many school shootings, precautions should be put in place everywhere and with everything. Showing that guns can be funny and cool is no joke and should be stopped.
  Security guards will be in every hall watching, and if someone decides to point a finger gun at another student, don’t think they will get away with this kind of felony. The security guard will tackle on sight, and the student will be sent to ISS. If the student continues this trend of threatening others, he or she will be forced to wear oven mitts on both hands for the rest of the week.
  Some finger gun fans are disappointed by this ban. Students such as junior Cheyenne Jones can not help themselves because it has grown into a habit.
  Finger gun addict Jones says, “I can’t help myself. My fingers just form into the shape of a gun and put themselves in the air. I do it in my sleep, and at one point I thought they were permanently stuck like that.”
  This ban has no end date as of now, but there is talk that it will be permanent and for good reason. With this ban in place it will teach students that something simple such as a finger gun can impact a student's life in the worst way.
  “Last year another student finger gunned me, and I haven’t been able to sleep since then. I think I have finger gun PTSD,” says senior Anna Sheets
Students better get all of their finger guns out now because next year there will finally be a time of peace.

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