Monday, April 3, 2017

Left Behind: Disney Edition

By: Katie Bailey
  As many in Ripley already know, the band took their biennial trip to Florida to march in the Magic Kingdom parade. They performed Wednesday at 8:00 p.m. and afterward found a shock after reaching the hotels.
  Two students attending the trip, who wish to not be named, were left behind by the chaperones at the park. While calling names on the bus, the other two students in room 301 decided to pull a prank. They called “here” for their friends, and the chaperone, not knowing their voices well enough, checked their names off.
  “I can’t believe they didn’t double check,” said one student left behind. “We showed up a couple minutes late to the meeting area because we got stuck on a ride. As soon as we got off, we practically ran to the meeting place and they were all gone.”
  The students waited outside the park entrance for over 20 minutes trying to get ahold of their chaperone and teachers, Sherry Poole and Jeanette Bowlby.
  After reaching the hotel, the chaperone and both of the teachers saw the messages left from the kids. In panic Poole and Bowlby both in their pajamas called an Uber to pick them up to find the lost students.
  Both students were okay and all chaperones were under strict rules to count everyone three different times and double check their checklist of students.
  As for the two students who pulled the cruel prank, they had to stay with the teachers the rest of the week and will be punished once back at school.

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