Monday, April 3, 2017

New graduation requirements leave seniors reeling

By Hannah Gandee

  With the end of the year only two months away, seniors are feeling the excitement and the pressure. This year those motions will soon include fear as the requirements to graduate have changed. March 22, two days before spring break Principal Will Hosaflook sent out emails to all seniors informing them of the list of changes made to the graduation requirements which include
  1. All seniors must get 500 hours of community service in before they can graduate.
  2. Seniors must participate in the planting of 12 flowers each to help school appearance.
  3. Seniors must take a pass a final with no less than 75% and still maintain a passing grade to graduate.
  4. In order to receive your diploma, all seniors must receive recommendations from Hosaflook, Barbara Heckert (Science Department), Sarah Summers (History Department), Stacy Riffe (Math Department), and Elizabeth Sayre (English Department).
  These requirements have come at a time when most seniors are already scrambling to meet the requirements that no longer allow them to graduate. A protest against these new requirements has been scheduled for Thursday, April 6 at 2:00 pm. “We will not accept this, we worked hard to graduate and now they pull this! No, we are going to picket the office and Board of Education until they change the requirements back,” says senior Lena Starcher.

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