Friday, April 28, 2017

Project Glam gives it the ole razzle-dazzle

By: Calista Boggess
   Project Glam is a new program that was started at the High School by YLA and advisers Cassie Griffith, Kristin DeWees. Project Glam does drawings for hair and makeup to be done before prom or other dances. Also, people donate dresses so others who do not have a dress for a dance can; there were about 40 dresses brought in. This is similar to the school’s Cinderella’s closet.
   Junior Presley Fisher talked to some of the teachers at Point Pleasant High School in January and came to Griffith with the idea of what is now Project Glam. Griffith talked to some of the administrators who were in charge at Point Pleasant and began the project in March.
   “It feels amazing to know that there are people here that care enough to give to the program, and they understand some girls don’t have that option. It feels good to give girls the opportunity to feel like a princess for a night,” said Fisher.
   A raffle was held where any student could put their name in to get their hair and makeup done for free by the cosmetology students from Roane County Vo-Tech. The Jackson county cosmetology students will likely return the favor by doing hair and makeup for the Roane County High School. Because this is a new program, not many students put their name in the drawing. All four won.
   “There were about 20 girls in my room on Saturday. They had a lot of fun,” said Griffith. 
   Project Glam will be continued next year and hopefully many more years to come. Griffith and DeWees hope Project Glam will expand and be well known throughout the school. Since it is still very new they were pleased with the participation this year. The people involved were optimistic to continue this program in the future.

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