Thursday, April 6, 2017

Ripley High Schools updates security due to inappropriate uses of technology

By: Seth Gainey

   Ripley High School has updated its security by adding metal detectors and x-ray machines at the front door.  This new rule and upgraded security will start on May 2 of this year. Some students parents have complained that the school needs more security. Principal Will took this under consideration and knew he needed to protect the students of this school.
 “The students safety is my number one concern. The cannot learn in an environment where they are threatened or distracted,” Principal Will stated.
  There will be new rules as well. Students cannot use scissors at school anymore because, they could be dangerous if used in the wrong manner.  Students will not be able to carry phones anymore. Teachers and other workers came to an agreement and removed them because they are  distraction to students trying to learn. Phones are also dangerous because students are sending offensive memes to each other.
  “I witnessed a columbine meme and I was concerned for my own safety,” Freshman Ima Tarra Fyde.
  There will be metal detectors at every door of the school. Students will be checked to make sure they are not carrying anything that the shouldn’t be.
   The cameras on all the Macbooks will always be in use and it is now against school policy to cover the lens. The administration will constantly be watching students to ensure that they are not breaking any rules that will endanger themselves or their fellow classmates. This will also be in effect during home use.
  “I think my son, Paul Noodle, will benefit greatly from these security upgrades because he can further his education without being threatened or afraid,” Parent Brenda Noodle stated.


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