Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Ripley invites students’ pets in to school

By:Shianna Pennington
This year during the week of finals, May 19- 23, Principal William Hosaflook, with the idea coming from Student Body President, Izzy Donohew, has initiated Bring Your Pet to School Week! The rationale behind this idea is that bringing our pets will help relieve some of the stress placed on students during finals. While in class taking your test, your pet is allowed to be in your lap, if small enough, or close to you on the floor. All animals must either be on a leash, or in a cage, if it is not in your hands.
  “I will be bringing my cow Annabelle.” says Donohew
  Throughout the week, Student Council members will be hosting different races for your pets in the gym as entertainment for the students. The first day will be a cat race. The owners can make the cats get to the other side anyway possible, except by picking it up and carrying it. The next day will be a reptile race, turtles, and snakes. The final day will be any farm animal. You can bring your goat, pig, or even a cow. You will need to sign your pet up a week in advance, and there will be a $5 entrance fee to enter your pet in the race.
  “I would bring my goat Cream. I believe that the future of all finals weeks will never be the same without my little goat Cream. My goat will win because he’s fat, quick and bounces like an antelope.” says senior Lindsey Jeffrey.
 “I am very excited to host the Farm Animal Pet Race. I cannot wait to see the types of animals people will bring.” said Donohew.  
  If your pet wins, you personally will win a $20 Visa gift card. For the cats race, your cat will win a bag of catnip equal to the weight of your cat. For the reptile race, a bag of 250 crickets, and for the farm animal race a $30 gift card to Farmers Feed.
  While these races are going on in the gym, there will be a Puppy Bowl in the Cafeteria. You will sign your puppy up, pay an $5 entrance fee, and Student Council members will divide them into teams. The winners of the games will play other winners until we get to the last two teams of winning puppies. All the puppies on the final winning team will each receive a 5 pound bag of puppy food, and a bag of treats.

  “The goal we have with this is to keep the students spirits up and hopefully perform better on their final exams. If this proves itself to work, this will definitely be something we continue to do.” says Hosaflook.

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