Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Tom Brady hangs up cleats

By: Seth Gainey

Tom Brady’s NFL career is coming to an end because, the New England Patriots decided to draft Deshaun Watson from Clemson University. The Patriots are regretfully letting Brady go, causing an uproar from the fans everywhere. The Cleveland Browns saw an opportunity to hire arguably the best quarterback of all time. They put in a trade request. This consists of a fifth and a seventh round pick. The draft will begin on April 27 and end on April 29. The trade was surprisingly accepted. The NFL fans were stunned because, the never expected Brady to join the Browns.
  When Brady showed up to practice, the Browns did not like his attitude.. The coach said he was too cocky and Brady wouldn’t get a lot of playing time, so Brady was benched.
  Brady later that day announced his retirement. He announced he will become the head football coach at Harvard University.

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