Thursday, May 11, 2017

Viking Keel sails into the limelight

By: Calista Boggess
   The Viking Keel opened on March 27. It is open Monday-Friday 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., Saturday 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., but it is closed on Sunday. The Viking Keel is owned by Karan Michelle Jewel and Charlie Jewel. It was created by Michelle because of she wanted something that represented the Vikings and showed community spirit. The idea that the business would be Viking themed came up be cause of the location.
   There is little for people at Ripley to do so the Jewels believed that it would benefit everyone and allow a place where students can do homework after school and hangout. There is an even amount of adults and students that eat there so it is a place for everyone.
   “The community has rallied around Ripley small businesses and they come in to support the new business and they came in toward the new business and we’re very pleased that something opened that caters toward the students and adults that’s is Viking themed,” said Charlie Jewel.
   There are coffee drinks, teas, floats, and other regular drinks sold. Desserts, breakfast pastries and yummy treats are also available. For lunch or dinner there are soups, salads, a variety of sandwiches, hot dogs, corn dogs, peperoni rolls, and many more. The Viking keel is fairly cheap.
   The Viking Keel has been successful since opening, and so far the Jewels have not hired anyone except their son Casey Jewel. Michelle is in the process of hiring students for the summer though.

Friday, May 5, 2017

History classes head to L.A. in November

By: Hannah Gandee

  Everyone wants to go to Los Angeles, whether to see the beaches or Disneyland, but on this trip you will get to do both.
  The trip will be November 15- 20 of next school year and so far the only students allowed to go have been this year’s juniors and sophomores, their parents, and RHS staff but that could still change to include the class of 2020 and even student siblings. These announcements would have been made after Spring Break, so if you are unsure it would be best to talk to Jo Phillips, trip coordinator.
  The 15 through the 20 are right before Thanksgiving break, so you won’t have to come back to school tired and unhappy. Plus, those students who are participating in the Veterans Day Parade will still be able to do so.
  If you want to see where you are going or just want to see where your friends will be while they are gone, then here is the itinerary.
  • Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum
  • Richard Nixon Presidential Museum
  • Warner Bros. Studios
  • Universal Studios Hollywood
  • Disneyland and Disney California Adventure
  • City Tours around Los Angeles, Hollywood, and Beverly Hills
  • Santa Monica and Venice Beach

Choir rocked the stage in May

By: Hannah Gandee

  The last month of school brought several entertainment options, including the last choir concerts.
  The choir performed May 2 for their Formal concert. This was the second to last choir performance with all three choirs - Ladies’, Concert, Chamber -  being present. Songs included: “Dry Bones”, “Ave Verum Corpus”, “The Neighbor's Chorus”, and “Precious Lord”.
  “Singing is such a cool part of my day, I’m so ready for this concert,” said sophomore Trinity Nieto before the concert.
  The concert did not require tickets but donations were accepted at the door. They were also selling raffle tickets for a chainsaw which will be drawn on the night of the Pops concert.
  Don’t worry if you missed the Formal concert though, because May 4 will be the Pops concert. This year the theme was Broadway and the choir was bringing out the big guns. With songs like “Sunrise, Sunset” from the musical Fiddler on the Roof and “This is the Moment” from the musical Jeckyll and Hyde, the concert will be one to rival even the best performances.
  “Broadway shows have some really good choir music in them and most are really fun to sing,” said junior Desiree Mayes.
  This turned out to be the longest of the concerts though because of all the senior solos which were being performed between the choir songs.
     “I was so glad I got to bring my big brother up on stage and sing with him because he’s my hero,” said senior Brianna Moore after the concert.
  The last concert for the seniors brought with it lots of tears, especially when Anne Hancock, choir director, sang a solo originally to be sung by senior Laura Blizzard who passed away over the summer. With such an emotional end to the performing season, the choir says farewell to the Class of 2017.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Baseball sectionals around corner

By: Kindra Sarver

  After going through a rough patch earlier in the season, the baseball team has bounced back and is now prepping for sectionals. The MSAC tournament will take place May 1-2. Though the conference tournament is only a two-day event, the time frame for sectionals is May 8-20. When and where the games will take place is yet to be determined.
  Senior Lane Casto said, “We got in a slump in the beginning of the season, but we got out of it. Now everyone is hitting well, pitching well, and making less errors.”
  Now ranked 7th in the state, the team continues to work towards the goal of making it to states. Their overall record is currently 15-9.
  Senior Remy Boyce said, “We started focusing more on the things we could control like hitting. Practices would be specified toward working on hitting. It was little things like that helped us progress.”
  When it comes to prioritizing Casto also said, “With what this program has done in the past, there is a lot of importance on the baseball side right now. However, we are all student athletes and are all able to manage school with baseball.”
 In sectionals the boys will face Parkersburg and Parkersburg South. The Vikings have already played, and won, against both teams.
Boyce said, “Sectionals seem to be in our favor considering we have beat both teams.”

Monday, May 1, 2017

Netflix releases 13 Reasons Why

By: Katie Bailey
  ATTENTION: This story contains spoilers of the show “13 Reasons Why.”
  Netflix released “13 Reasons Why” to viewers on March 31. The show follows the popular book written by Jay Asher (a book on Ripley’s summer reading list in the past) and has caused controversy along the way.
  In the TV series, Clay Jensen, Hannah Baker's close friend receives tapes of reasons why she ended her life. Ten students received the tapes before Clay and he struggles to go through them feeling as though he has to fix how she was wronged. As he works his way through the tapes, he finds out that Hannah really didn’t have a great life and that if he might have done one thing differently, she could still be alive. Now her parents are dealing with a trial for Hannah’s justice.
  Many who view the TV series find it controversial. They say that the language is vulgar, the plot is intense, and say it glorifies suicide because everyone learns their lesson after that person is gone.
  Others will say that it teaches how bullying is wrong, gives insight on how what you say could affect someone’s life, and that you do not know what is going on in someone's life.
  Netflix has not released an official second season. Entertainment news states that Asher is wishing for it. The audience is on their toes wanting to know what happens in Hannah’s trial. How are Hannah’s parents going to deal with listening to the tapes? Will Bryce go to jail and get his comeuppance?


Pete’s gets cyclones

By: Brooke Nichols
 Pete’s Hot Dogs has added to the cyclone menu with cereal cyclones. The new item on the menu was created by the owner Matt Peterson. He liked the idea so much that he decided to start selling them himself at his business Pete’s Hot Dogs.
  The cyclones are a mix of vanilla ice cream and your choice of 4 different cereals. You can choose from Fruit Loops, Frosted Flakes, Fruity Pebbles, and Cinnamon Toast Crunch. A small is $3.59 plus tax and a large is $4.59 plus tax. Since the cyclones are one of the more popular items on the menu now, they sell between 20-30 a day from 4p.m.-8p.m. If the popularity of the new ice cream stays consistent it may become a permanent item.
   If you haven’t tried the Cyclones at Pete’s then you should go down and try one; they are really popular and people seem to love them.
 Briana Ware says “The Fruity Pebbles cyclone is my favorite and they were amazing to try, I highly recommend them.”
 From the four different flavors, I’m sure everyone can find a flavor that they enjoy, and once you get a taste you will want to keep going back for more.