Monday, May 1, 2017

Netflix releases 13 Reasons Why

By: Katie Bailey
  ATTENTION: This story contains spoilers of the show “13 Reasons Why.”
  Netflix released “13 Reasons Why” to viewers on March 31. The show follows the popular book written by Jay Asher (a book on Ripley’s summer reading list in the past) and has caused controversy along the way.
  In the TV series, Clay Jensen, Hannah Baker's close friend receives tapes of reasons why she ended her life. Ten students received the tapes before Clay and he struggles to go through them feeling as though he has to fix how she was wronged. As he works his way through the tapes, he finds out that Hannah really didn’t have a great life and that if he might have done one thing differently, she could still be alive. Now her parents are dealing with a trial for Hannah’s justice.
  Many who view the TV series find it controversial. They say that the language is vulgar, the plot is intense, and say it glorifies suicide because everyone learns their lesson after that person is gone.
  Others will say that it teaches how bullying is wrong, gives insight on how what you say could affect someone’s life, and that you do not know what is going on in someone's life.
  Netflix has not released an official second season. Entertainment news states that Asher is wishing for it. The audience is on their toes wanting to know what happens in Hannah’s trial. How are Hannah’s parents going to deal with listening to the tapes? Will Bryce go to jail and get his comeuppance?


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