Friday, August 18, 2017

Pay. Pick. Paint

Seniors go crazy for parking spots
 By: Maisie Stout
  On the first day of school, the senior lot was already crowded as early as 7:15. This caused a lot of issues with other seniors that come in later and teachers who also park there. Dismayed that they did not get a spot the first day, many seniors rushed to get to the school even earlier on the second day. Some students arrived as early as 6:50. With all of this commotion, many seniors were worried about whether or not they would be fast enough to reserve their spot.
  Principal William Hosaflook set their worries aside by explaining what the next few days will entail. Friday August 18, Hosaflook waited in the lobby at 7 a.m. in order to collect money for senior spots.
  “I got here at 5 a.m. and I think I was the 15th person here!” said senior J.T. Kemp.
  There are only 64 parking spots reserved for seniors in the upper and middle lots, so it will be first come first serve basis. Seniors who requested parking passes over the summer will be the only seniors to receive this privilege. As of right now, the parking pass request form is closed, but Hosaflook has mentioned that he will open it at a later date, depending on how many spots are left.
  After seniors pay for their spot, they will be required to return to the school on Saturday to pick which parking space they want.
  “I’m calling it ‘Running with the Vikings’”, Hosaflook said.  “The students will line up, and when I blow a whistle, they will run to the spot they want.”
  Hosaflook plans to be here at 7 a.m.  If the spot is not already blacked out, they will be responsible for painting over last year’s design. Black paint will be provided by the principals in those cases.
  Sunday, August 20, seniors will finally be able to paint their spots. Students must bring their own paint for the creative designs; the school will not provide paint unless it is to cover up a spot that is not already covered. Students are allowed to use any type of paint and make any design they can think of (as long as it is school appropriate).

  Good luck to those seniors battling it out on Saturday.  The rest of the student body should keep an eye out as artwork appears in the coming days.