Friday, September 29, 2017

Brandon Cochran with perfect score in PowerPoint contest
By: Lilly Sayre

   For years now students of Ripley High School have been competing in the National PowerPoint contest. Normally students that are participating in this competition are in one of teacher Angela Litton’s classes such as Business Computers 1. Which teachers excel and word in order to help them prepare while learning.
   Most Recently junior Brandon Cochran was one of the students to compete in this contest.
This achievement is uncommon and takes a great deal of time and concentration to prepare
for. Cochran along with junior Corey Evans are the two students from Ripley High School to
reach the 1,000-point score in the PowerPoint and Excel competitions.
  Cochran says, “it is very exciting because I am one of two people in Ripley high school to score a perfect 1,000 and that is a pretty big accomplishment.”
  Brandon’s parents were over the moon when they heard about his score Crystal Cochran says “We actually did not know of his score until Mrs. Litton informed me of it that evening when I was working the concession stand. I was full of pride.”
   Mrs. Cochran also explained “We knew that Brandon expected to score well but I did not think he expected to score THAT well.”
   It was also explained by Crystal that “Brandon’s love for the computers comes pretty natural to him. It seems to run in the family seeing as his father was a computer science major.”
   With Cochran’s success, it’s obvious that the students of Ripley High School are living up to their expectations.
   Senior Madison Jones says, “It is just another great achievement made by one of the students of Ripley High.”
   With the help of teachers like Mrs. Litton Ripley High members will continue to thrive with their education.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Cross country crosses finish line

           Cross country isn’t just a season sport; it is a year-round effort. The team works every week to stay in shape for the upcoming meets. With meets almost every weekend, it takes immense amounts of dedication. The members of the cross country team use one another to better themselves. They push and strive to be better competitors and better runners.
            Sophomore Chase Casto stated, “It’s not really weird competing against one another, because if someone on the team is faster than you, it can give you a goal.”
            The girl’s cross-country team place in the top three in almost all of their meets, and placed sixth at one. The boys team also has done well, placing in the top five as a team at the last home meet with it being much harder competition.
To place for Regionals, the team has to place in the top three. To place individually, the runner has to be placed in the top ten.
            Freshman Laney Harper said, “Overall we run hard, get things done, and love to win!” 
            The team competed in the Adidas Challenge September 15 in North Carolina, and sophomore Tori Starcher placed first with a time of 17:41.1 in the Girls 5k Championship. The team overall placed twenty-seventh.
            Starcher was recently nominated for National Cross-Country Performer of the Week, one of 10 girls from around the country who qualified with their 5K times. She works year-round to stay prepared for this sport. According to her, she tries to run close to 50 miles a week.

            The next cross country meet will be held in Louisville, Kentucky on September 30.  The regional competition will be held on October 9 in Wood County.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Girls’ Soccer writes new chapter with winning season

               By: Maisie Stout

The girls’ soccer team started off the 2017 season by “writing a new chapter.” The phrase coined by coach Steve Gandee is one that the team is very familiar with. During the preseason, the girls worked hard to get stronger, faster, and generally just better. Their hard work has paid off immensely as they are now having their first winning season in a long time with a record of 11-1.
        “Preseason was harder than any other year that I have been here. I think it really got us prepared,” junior Taylor Kennedy said.
        “We had a lot of conditioning; we ran, and ran, and ran. We worked on defensive skills and shooting, but most importantly we worked on our team chemistry. We are in a lot better shape and we get along a lot better than most teams,” senior Presley Fisher said.
        The girls are led by co-captains and seniors: Grace Bumpus, Presley Fisher, and Maisie Stout. The new coaching staff consists of Gandee and Tonya Carpenter.
        “I really like the new coach, he really knows soccer and how to motivate our team and each individual on it. He takes his time to watch other teams and prepare us for each game.” Fisher said.
        Gandee had been coaching soccer on and off since 1997 and continuously since 2006. Gandee decided to coach the girls’ team because the future of the program was uncertain and he believed he had something to offer it.
        “Coming into the season I was looking to build on the recent success that the program experienced in the previous year. We reintroduced two-a-day practices and more discipline,” Gandee said. “For this being my first high school team, I have got a good bunch. It is really nice when you have good, coachable players that listen and try to carry out a plan you put together.
        It is only halfway through the season and the girls have already beaten their record of wins from last year. So far, the Lady Vikings have only been scored on six times, but in return, they have scored 65 goals throughout the season. They have also had 9 total shutouts, which according to Taylor Kennedy is more than they have had in her all her years playing combined.
        “Our ultimate goal is to go to states, but we have already accomplished things that we haven’t since probably my mom played,” Kennedy said.

Vikings chase play-off dream

   The football team is off to a great start to the 2017 season. The Vikings came out roaring, taking the first two games of the season at home easily.
   “It was a great feeling to see all of our hard work payoff winning the first two games” said senior captain JT Kemp.
    The Vikings were a stand out team early in the season. One of the only teams with a 2-0 record until losing the past two weeks putting them at 2-2 record and back in the norm of the other top teams.
    “You’ve got to lose to win,” meaning you have to experience defeat to truly understand success expresses senior captain Ty Eshenaur.
    Rocky Ford, another senior captain, said that the team’s biggest struggle so far this season has been defense. While Ripley’s defense is ranked 11th in the state, multiple starters have said their defense must be top 10 to make playoffs.
    “I firmly believe we will have more defensive practices this week to prepare for G.W.,” Ford said.
    All four senior captains have the same goal, and that is making a run to the playoffs. The last       school team to do that was in 2009. This year’s football program is the best its looked in a long time.
    “We have looked really good in some parts of every game. We just need to clean up the defense,” Spoken by senior QB Brayden Campbell.
    However, they still have a lot of play to clean up if they want to make it to the playoffs. Kemp and Eshenaur solemnly agree that their team puts their heads down to quick. They past two loses they felt the team has given up once that get down, the seniors know in order to continue to win games and be the best they can be they must keep a positive attitude and go hard every play.  

Volleyball team spikes into new season

By: Lucas Smith

            The Volleyball team started off their season anticipating victory. Now in the middle of the season, they are doing just that. Varsity record is 2-9 and JV record is 2-5.
            The captains for the 2017 season are Anna Kurnot, Karlie Hesson, and Kenzie Casto.
            Coaches Tabatha Craddock and Dusti Fisher are pushing the team to new limits.
            “We practice every day after school. Sometimes we have Fridays off or a short practice,” said senior Anna Kurnot.
            These practices are what have assisted them in their success. In fact, their most recent win was a victory over Sissonville. However, Kurnot, Hesson, and Casto all agree that their biggest rival has to be Ravenswood. Practicing will hopefully help them beat Ravenswood when they meet on the court.
            The new players on the team also contribute to the team. All the captains agree that the stand-out freshman-player is Maddie Fields.
            Freshman Maddie Fields said her favorite thing about playing for the high school was that it was more competitive. Fields also believes that playing for the high school is a lot different than playing for the middle school.
“It’s more hardcore and you have to try harder. There are lots more practices,” said Fields.
            The atmosphere for the team is a lot different this year than in previous years.
            Casto said, “I think we play a lot better as a team this season.”
            Sadly, this season will be the last for many seniors on the Viking Volleyball Team.  
            “Whenever we practice we have a really good time. I will miss that the most,” said Hesson.
            Casto said that she will miss going to tournaments with fellow team members.
            Kurnot said, “I’m going to miss the sport itself.”

            The girls next home game will be October 10th against Nitro.