Friday, September 29, 2017

Brandon Cochran with perfect score in PowerPoint contest
By: Lilly Sayre

   For years now students of Ripley High School have been competing in the National PowerPoint contest. Normally students that are participating in this competition are in one of teacher Angela Litton’s classes such as Business Computers 1. Which teachers excel and word in order to help them prepare while learning.
   Most Recently junior Brandon Cochran was one of the students to compete in this contest.
This achievement is uncommon and takes a great deal of time and concentration to prepare
for. Cochran along with junior Corey Evans are the two students from Ripley High School to
reach the 1,000-point score in the PowerPoint and Excel competitions.
  Cochran says, “it is very exciting because I am one of two people in Ripley high school to score a perfect 1,000 and that is a pretty big accomplishment.”
  Brandon’s parents were over the moon when they heard about his score Crystal Cochran says “We actually did not know of his score until Mrs. Litton informed me of it that evening when I was working the concession stand. I was full of pride.”
   Mrs. Cochran also explained “We knew that Brandon expected to score well but I did not think he expected to score THAT well.”
   It was also explained by Crystal that “Brandon’s love for the computers comes pretty natural to him. It seems to run in the family seeing as his father was a computer science major.”
   With Cochran’s success, it’s obvious that the students of Ripley High School are living up to their expectations.
   Senior Madison Jones says, “It is just another great achievement made by one of the students of Ripley High.”
   With the help of teachers like Mrs. Litton Ripley High members will continue to thrive with their education.

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