Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Carpenter speaks at PRO conference

Last July, Sophomore Regan Carpenter spoke on behalf of the State Advisory Group at the Police Resource Officer Conference in Wheeling.  
She said “I just love doing public speaking. I wanted to share my experiences with officers, and to help them connect with students.”
            Carpenter was well praised by many PRO officers for her speech.  She spoke to show people how these officers help and what exactly they help with.  She also shared what she does for the program and for the state of West Virginia.
            The PRO officers are important because they help keep the schools safe and lend a helping hand whenever needed. They also stop any active shootings.
Carpenter’s roll in the community is organizing fundraisers and promoting the community.
Carpenter is a part of Students Against Destructive Decisions, also known as SADD.  This community organization gives funding to PRO officers in school and helps make the program better.
The SADD community helps the program by raising the awareness of drunk driving, drugs, and other poor choices teens might make.  It tries to prevent as much as possible through many advertisements and speeches.
The group also helps with promoting and giving money to organizations like Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs.

When a club comes to the PRO community, they will present and tell them how much money they need. Then, the officers will give that club as much as the needed money as they can.

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