Wednesday, September 13, 2017

North Korea threatens others with test missiles

By: Ashtun Welling
    North Korea and America have long been in conflict, but tensions have heated up recently. North Korea has fired 21 missiles during 14 tests since February, perfecting their technology. They are claiming to have missiles that can target any country.  Though President Donald Trump has claimed to take action, the U.S. has only responded by idling.  However, Trump has shown aggravation in his comments to the media and tweets such as “Fire and Fury ” in early August.
  The most recent planned missile testing for the United States was Sept. 8. This was our fourth test this year.
  Professor Robert Kelly from said, “The more attention we draw to North Korea gives them the fire to keep testing missiles.”
    Trump might claim we are on the brink of war with North Korea, but there is no guarantee Kim Jong Un will attack. North Korea only has a handful of missiles, while America has tens of thousands of missiles. America has been shipping missiles to South Korea. In the event that North Korea does fire, we fire back. North Korea is only using their missiles as a bargaining chip rather than a fear factor.
Alex Lockie from said, “U.S. allies are stepping up to help against North Korea. While Kim Jung Un’s are stepping down. Japan, Australia, China, South Korea are with America if North Korea makes the first move.
      Kim wants Trump to promise “Fire and Fury” so the dictator can show his people how big and bad the U.S. is as part of a public relations campaign. Kim is trying to build up a defense for his people against us because they believe the U.S. is threatening them. Kim can manipulate his people because the government controls everything from they hear and see in the news. Kim is only showing the hate so we seem to like the bad guys.

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