Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Finding last minute Halloween costumes

     Halloween is TONIGHT, and you may have waited till the last minute to find a costume. Whether you are going to a costume party or trick-or-treating, here are some easy last-minute costumes that you can either grab out of your closet or pick up materials for from the store. 

    If you’re like me, time is essential. One of the most obvious and easiest outfits is the “this is my costume” t-shirt. Just grab a sharpie and an old t-shirt and you’re good to go.  

If you’ve forgotten about this next costume, where have you been the last 100 years? The bed sheet as a ghost has been around for as long as I can remember. All you need is scissors and a white bed sheet, or any color bed sheet if you’re feeling extra adventurous.

Another “ancient” costume happens to be the zombie. Cut up your clothes, smear some red makeup on you, and get ready to scare somebody! You can even smear ketchup on your clothes if you can’t find the right makeup. 


These next costumes are worn predominantly by females. Once “Rosie the Riveter” surfaced, it seemed as if every woman had on a red bandana and a blue button-up shirt for Halloween festivities. Also, cats have become very popular throughout the Halloween season. Throw on a black shirt, make cat ears with a headband, and you’re good to go.

Another costume that has made a sort of made a come-back this year is the scare-crow. Just put on a flannel, jeans, stuff some straw into your clothes, and throw on a hat.

If you waited till the last minute to find couples-costumes with your significant other, or if you want to go as a pair with a friend, then these are the easiest costumes that you can pull out of your closet. Salt and pepper is one of the most common. All you really need is for one of you to wear a white shirt, and the other  to wear a black shirt. Another costume-pair that might interest you is the popular “Jake from State Farm” and “Flo from Progressive.”

-->   http://www.itsnaptimesomewhere.com/jake-flo-couples-halloween-costume/

Halloween is tonight, will you be able to find a costume?



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