Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Themed lunches save high school friendships

By: Maisie Stout

            Stress of the school year can become increasingly difficult, but your friends may be a way to help. Senior Chloe Hayman came up with the great idea of having themed lunches as a way for her friend group to come closer together in the dark times of senior year.
            “Having group lunches is a great way for us to bond. Our lunch group is mostly senior girls and it gives us something to look forward to,” Hayman said.
            It all started last year when English teacher Cassie Griffith allowed some of her students to eat lunch in her room. Even though Griffith’s “Lunch Crew” only started doing the group lunches this year, they are all excited to keep the tradition alive. The lunches are set on the last Friday of every month, and the themes are decided based on the time of year.  Last month they had a tailgating theme; this month the theme is Halloween.
            So, if you want to start a new tradition with your friend group, themed lunches are a pretty solid way to go. In order to create a successful group lunch experience, though, you have to do it right. The first step in having a themed lunch is finding a good spot to have it. If you want to use a teacher’s classroom you have to ask permission, and if they say no you have to respect their decision. Pro tip: Teachers are more likely to agree if the lunches are not an everyday deal. If the teacher does say yes, then you have earned your new lunch spot.
            “I like having lunch in Miss Griffith’s room because it is quiet and we do not have to deal with all of the yelling in the cafeteria,” Jones said.
            The next step would be to set guidelines for the bringing (and eating) of food. Just like when you eat in the gym or cafeteria, you need to clean up when you are done. Hayman also suggests adopting a “bring food, eat food” policy, so that you do not have any stragglers looking for handouts. Anyone that brings food, is allowed to eat other food that is also brought by others.

             “Planning a themed lunch with your friends helps create teamwork mentality and collaboration skills, as well as adopt strong bonds in friendships,” Griffith said.


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