Friday, November 3, 2017

Hatchet will be staying in Ripley

By: Sydney Sayre
             It is finally the time of year to bring back The Hatchet. Tonight, the annual game against Ravenswood High School will take place at our very own Death Valley Memorial Stadium.  The coaches are positive about the projected outcome of the game.
Coach Eddie Smolder said, “I think we are beat them as bad as we want to. Ripley has won three years in a row.  I don’t think we are gonna lose it.”
Smolder has been coaching the team for all three years now, and over the course of this time, he thinks the team has improved tremendously.
“The whole team works well together, they are all close,” he added.
Ripley has won 40 of the total 83 games played in the Hatchet series, with four of them being ties. Our current players are just as confident in a win tonight.
Ripley’s outside linebacker Rocky Ford said, “We are gonna go out there and punish them every play. We are simply going to win the physical battle. We just have to make sure we execute and handle adversity and we will be fine.”
The 2017 freshmen players are revved up about their first hatchet game.
Matt Moore, one of the leading freshman players, said, “It is an adrenaline rush to be able to play our rival team in the final game of the season.”
            The senior players are excited for the game, ready to play the cross-county opponent.
Senior JT Kemp is almost to the end of his first—and last—season of Ripley football. He said, “I feel really excited to be able to play with the people I have worked with over the season.”
Ford said, “My freshman year was very different than it is now. We had a different coach and no one focused on bonding like we do today. We are all really close and we all spend time together outside of football.”

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