Monday, November 6, 2017


By: Lexi Taylor

I hate your edges,
The way your stretch marks map out harsh ridges,
Like the sharp turns down an old winding road,
Interrupting the smooth color of your small tanned body,
Cutting around your creases,
Light shades of purple,
Pale shades of pink,
All of which are,
Interrupting your perfection.

I hate your colors,
The color of your hair,
It’s burnt into different colors from years of abuse,
The way it lays on your shoulders in odd ways,
Falling in undesired places,
The length is an awkward length,
Too long if you leave it too short if you cut it,
Continuing to,
Interrupting your perfection.

I hate your size,
The way your clothes don’t fit in the right places,
Tugging and pulling,
Flexing and hiding,
Working and starving,
Yet nothing seems to be enough,
All of these,
Interrupt your perfection.

I hate your presence,
The way you’re pushed out,
No one notices though,
The way you don’t know when to stop when you’re nervous,
You stumble upon your words,
Only to stop when no one is listening,
This too,
Interrupting your perfection.

I hate your voice,
The way it sounds,
Masculine yet feminine at the same time,
Seeming to be heard at the worst of times,
Often it brought smiles,
And stern looks of disappointment,
Interrupting your perfection.

I hate your thoughts,
The way everything gets to you,
Even when it shouldn’t,
The way your thoughts change at the drop of a hat,
It can be dangerous,
Catastrophic even,
This too,
Interrupting your perfection.

Out of all these things I hate,
One stands out more,
This person I hate is someone I shouldn’t,
This person is,


  1. That was so touching. I think i started to cry a little.

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