Sunday, November 19, 2017

Sydney Scarberry talented makeup artist

Meet Sydney Scarberry, one of the school’s most talented students. The junior has mastered the art of special effects makeup. 
“I started doing makeup three years ago because no one really did it and it was very unique.” said Scarberry. 
She uses her talents for the thespians by giving people the necessary makeovers before a performance. She can give someone wrinkles and make them look old, or to make their facial features stand out. She also uses it for other activities like Halloween or just for her own enjoyment. 
Scarberry would also like to turn it into a career by doing effects for movies and stage performances.
Elizabeth Crihfeild said “Sydney has alway been great at makeup for as long as i’ve known her. I don't think I could do what she does. It seems hard. ” 
However, the process of doing special effects makeup is a lot simpler than most might think, according to Scarberry. She said “All I have to do is prep my face so my face doesn't break out afterwards. After that, it’s just free handing.” 
Scarberry then goes on to say “Freehanding is definitely something you need to improve at before you can put a full, high quality design on your face. It took me about a year to get where I am today.”
It’s not just face makeup that Scarberry has taken an interest to. She also enjoys putting designs on the legs and arms. Designs on the body would include open wounds or bones poking out of the skin.
Scarberry said “I think doing any kind of wound on my arm or leg is pretty fun. I think it looks cool and it feels funky when you remove it.” 
The most fascinating thing about Scarberry’s talent is that she is completely self-taught, locking herself in her room for hours at a time, trying to perfect what she is passionate about. 
“You can learn how to do effects makeup through lots of Youtube tutorials. I think thats the quickest way to learn.” said Scarberry. 


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