Monday, January 29, 2018

Chamber Choir Performs with Symphony

By: Ashtun Welling
   Chamber Choir had the honor to perform with the WV Symphony. January 20, they went to Charleston to the Clay Center to sing classic video game pieces. The audience was not of the norm, dressed up as their favorite characters to watch the show. The “Video Games Live!” used their Facebook page for their followers to vote in advance on which pieces they would like to see performed. Other than that, the music is kept secret until the show begins.
  Director Annie Hancock got the news around the middle of December. She is a part of the advisory group of choir teachers that revisies the state standards for their classes. Vice President Betty King approached Hancock asking if they would be interested in performing with the WV Symphony. Hancock sent in an audio file of the Chamber Choir singing to Betty to be reviewed before the music was sent out.
  Hancock could only take her chamber choir because of the 30 singer limit. The students had to do most of the prep work alone since there was only three school days outside of snow days to rehearse in class.
   “For the amount of time I had with my students, I am blessed with hardworking singers. Thrilled that we got invited to sing with them again. I cannot wait for the next phone call,” said Hancock.
  After the holidays the music was sent along with rehearsal tracks.The Chamber Choir had eight pieces out of nineteen to learn. These included Classic Arcade Medley, Sonic the Hedgehog, Final Fantasy VIII, Skyrim, Overwatch, Earthworm Gym, and the Witcher III. Senior Maggie Bowlby had the honor of singing a solo in the Witcher III.
  “It was such a wonderful experience being in front of the audience. It was different from being in the Clay Center than in the school auditorium because of the different size of the room. Even the rehearsal was different because the director said we had to feel the music instead of just singing it. I personally wasn’t worried about all the snow days we had in that past week because I felt confident with my part,” said Bowlby.


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