Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Buying that special gift for your special person

By: Sydney Sayre    
        Every Valentine’s Day, there are always those who scramble to find the “perfect gift” for their loved ones. However, finding these gifts isn’t always easy if you can’t decide what to get. If you’re short on money, these gifts are a good way to go!
1.     Letter—Start with writing a letter to your significant other. You can tell them in depth how much they mean to you. Share your thoughts, your hopes, and your dreams for them and for the both of you—together. Spill your heart onto a few sheets of paper and show them in words, as well as in gifts, just how special they are. Handwritten letters make it more personal than something that would-be types, so keep that in mind!
2.     Jar o’ Dates—Fill a jar up with potential date ideas! Whenever you and your significant other can’t decide what to do or where to go on your date night, just pull out a date from the jar! Use colored pieces of paper and write down your ideas. Fold them up and fill the jar and you have a cute gift, as well as something to benefit you both!
3.     Gift baskets for her—Find a basket or container and focus just on things you know she would enjoy. Buy some face masks, nail polish, and bath salts for her to spend some time relaxing. Bath & Body Works offers lots of things, such as candles, bath bombs, lotions and soaps, but it is more expensive. Find things that she loves and work within your budget to give your girl something she will love.
4.     Gift baskets for him—Find something to put your guy’s gifts in. Find that video game he has been wanting, or even just get him gift cards! While this gift is probably a little more expensive, he is sure to love it. Putting in any effort at all is always a plus! Buy him some new socks or pajamas even, load up the rest with his favorite candies and boom! You have a wonderful gift for him that he is sure to enjoy.

5.     Gift baskets for two —Find a basket at whatever size you want to fill, and make it more complex than a simple basket of candy. If you enjoy watching movies together, purchase those movies you both have been wanting to watch, a few bags of popcorn, and lots of movie snacks and fill ‘er up! This is a mostly cheap gift idea that will give you both something to do!


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