Thursday, February 8, 2018

Students talk about snow days

       When a school day is canceled or delayed, the Board of Education will send out calls informing the people. Most of the time they call the night before, but some times they will call about three hours before school starts.
Sophomore Chris Redman said “When I get the call, I feel relived. Especially since I usually go to sleep at one in the morning. I’ll go back to sleep and do something later.”
Due to icy roads or being snowed in, you can’t really leave your house.
Freshman Trey Starcher said “I can’t leave my house on most snow days but that’s not really a problem. When I get snowed in I’ll just sit back and watch movies and sleep all day. It’s the life.”
Getting a day off during the week due to snow also means that we have to make up that day at the end of the school year. Ripley High students were originally meant to be released for the summer June 1. However, with a week and a half worth of snow days, students will now be released on June 4. And as expected, students are not okay with this.
       Senior John Carnell said “I love the summer. I would much rather miss school on a summer day than a winter day. There is so much more to do in the summer rather than just being locked in and cold all day. You can go to the pool, or go outside and do something. Anything is better than being stuck inside for a week.”
Due to snow days, the OS days in March have been changed to regular instruction days.


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