Friday, March 30, 2018

Ripley Students Work in Co-op Program

Ripley High School offers alternatives for students than just different class choices. One of these opportunities is by working during school hours through co-op. Co-op is a program where students get to go to an actual job for half of their school day.

In this program, students have a variety of choices as to where they will work. Some work for the high school,some work for other schools in our county, and others leave school to work for businesses. This allows students to earn money while attending school in addition to their education.

The program is run through Ripley’s Business Department and is aimed to get students ready to enter the workforce. For those who are in it, they report that their knowledge of how businesses operate has increased dramatically.

“The co-op program really opened my eyes when it came to business. It has also helped my work ethic by balancing school and a job”, said senior Samuel Pierson.

Many students feel that the challenges offered by the co-op program is offset by the experience they receive on the job. Overall, the co-op program provides a valuable alternative to traditional electives, at least according to the head of the program Tanya Ball.

“Co-op provides students with valuable work experience and responsibility by giving someone for them to report to. Some students may not know what career path they want to go down and co-op really offers them a chance to see what they may want to do, ”she said.

A total of 31 students currently co-op through the Business Department. Of those, the school has received almost nothing but praise. Alternatives to regular classroom time like these are essential in providing a well-rounded education. For some, spending all day at a desk is not as beneficial as actually getting hands on training at a regular job.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

STOP what? Bill aims to prevent school violence

By: Maisie Stout
A month after the tragic school shooting in Florida, a bill was proposed and passed through the House of Representatives that will help “prevent” school violence. The bill, introduced by representative John Rutherford from Florida, is called STOP (Students, Teachers, and Officers Preventing) School Violence Act of 2018. The bill has yet to pass in the Senate.
            “There is still much to be done, but the best way to keep our students and teachers safe is to give them the tools and training to recognize the warning signs to prevent violence,” Rutherford said to ABC News.
The proposed bill aims at providing schools better security infrastructures, anonymous ways to report suspicious activities, and training for teachers and law enforcement officers. Nowhere in the STOP School Violence Act is gun control discussed or even addressed, which is most likely why the NRA was quick to show approval for the bill.
“At my old school, in Washington PA, there were over 2000 students. It was AAAA school. They had metal detectors and multiple armed officers, and there has never been a school shooting there. This school is also in a pretty bad neighborhood, yet there still haven’t been any shootings. If these measures are working in places like Washington PA, why aren’t other parts of the country already doing it,” junior Casey Jewell stated.
States are also taking matters into their own hands by creating their own state laws to further restrict guns and provide more protection to students. In Florida, for example, Governor Rick Scott proposed raising the age to buy assault rifles to 21 and creating measures to prevent people with mental illnesses from buying weapons. He also called for law enforcement to be in every public school in the state.
Nothing in West Virginia is currently being done, but our state does have laws previously enacted to help keep schools safe. The WV Department of Education passed the ‘West Virginia Manual for Expected Behavior in Safe and Supportive Schools’, which basically outlines what students are supposed to be taught throughout their education to “create a climate that supports development of the dispositions that are valued in our communities, state, nation, and world.” In layman’s terms, we are supposed to be taught social skills, self-awareness and self-management at certain times during our education.
Is it enough to simply address the issue? Is better security and a way to report behavior enough to prevent another school shooting?
“Anything can help. I will gladly be trained for anything, I think better educating people on these issues would benefit everyone. If we had more time built in the school day to really sit down with our students and help them to cope with stress and everyday things that build up to be gun worthy, we could make a difference,” English teacher Saunyell Atkinson said.
There are mixed opinions towards the STOP Act, most of which either agree that it is a good start towards stricter laws or believe it is not even close to achieving anything. No matter what your beliefs, this new law should be viewed as an attempt by our lawmakers to help prevent another tragedy.

Monday, March 26, 2018

Prom Proposal Ideas for everyone!

By: Lilly Sayre

The time for prom proposals is upon us! Everyone in school is preparing for one of the biggest dances of the year. Here are some ideas to help you ask that someone special to spend an evening together that you’ll never forget.

Prom Proposal Signs
Signs are one of the cheapest and easiest ways to ask your hopefully prom partner. Remember to still be creative and make it a moment they will never forget!
·      Use a dark poster board with some scattered stars, and add the phrase “Star light, star bright, I wish you may, I wish you might, be my date on prom night!”
·      With a blue poster add some hand drawn fish and write, “Out of all the fish in the sea will you go to prom with me?”
·      Pick any colored poster board you’d like and draw your best pair of crocs. Jot down “If the shoe fits, will you croc my world at prom?”
·      Add some picture of you and your date to a poster board with the sentence, “Prom would be picture perfect with you!”
·      On a poster board spell out the words in Lego-like writing saying, “Lego to prom together?”

Sporty Prom Proposals
Tons of kids in school are sports fanatics. What better way to ask someone than with something they invest so much time in?
·      For the baseball player, you can purchase a home plate and write on it, “I’m just going to throw a curveball and ask. Prom?”
·      For the track or cross-country star, “run” to the store and grab a pair of shoes in their size. Write on the box “This question has been running through my head lately. Prom?”
·      For the weightlifting buff, get yourself a flat circular weight and write on it “I could not “weight” any longer to ask so I’ll just do it. Prom?”
·      For the basketball player get yourself a basketball and write on it “Let’s have a ball at prom together!”
·      For the tennis players, buy a ton of tennis balls and use them to spell out the word “Prom?” on the court before practice.

Just Friends Proposals
Not everyone has a significant other they want to take to prom. So, what better person to go with than your best friend?
·      Get the cutest teddy bear you can find, and with it make a sign with the words “You are my “beary” best friend. Prom?”
·      Everyone has that person that is more like a sister, so make a sign the sentence “You don’t need a mister go to prom with your unbiological sister!”
·      Another good sign to use for a best friend is one saying, “I know we don’t have dates and that’s kind of sad, but you’re my best friend and together prom won’t be so bad.”
·      Get yourself a stuffed version of Olaf the snowman with a sign with the phrase, “Some friends are worth melting for. Prom?”
·      Another idea with a teddy bear is a sign that says, “I could not bear to go to prom without my best friend!”

Everyone knows that group of kids that are absolutely devoted to the outdoors. Below are a few ideas for them to use during their prom proposals.
·      If you don’t have any at home, go to the store and find a target. Then write on it “I’m hunting for a prom date. You game?”
·      Get a few gummy worms and make a sign with “I’m hooked on asking you this question… so take the bait and be my prom date?” written on it.
·      You could use a target for this one as well and write on it “Prom? Let’s give it a “shot”!”
·      Go to the store and get a cheap tackle box and fill it with different kinds of gummy worms. Then write on it “I’m o-fish-ally asking you. Prom?”
Go to the store and get a cheap nerf gun. Write on your sign, “I’ve been hunting for a way to ask. Prom? Yes or no.” Then let the person shoot their answer.