Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Fooling folks for April Fool’s

By: Maisie Stout
April Fool’s falls on Easter Sunday this year, so do not let the Easter festivities distract you from playing pranks on your family or friends. The best pranks to pull are ones that are personalized for the people that are going to be pranked on. So, if your mom is scared of snakes, a good idea would be to get a rubber snake and put it in her shower or somewhere else that is unexpected. Other simple ideas would be to swap your parents’ keys or remove the batteries from all of the remotes in your house so that they get frustrated and have to put new batteries in. Another fun idea would be to replace hand soap or shampoo (with an unclear bottle) with syrup.
A more elaborate prank would be to take a screenshot of your parent’s (or friend) computer home screen, move all of their desktop files, and set the screenshot as their background. This will cause them to feel surprised or even frustrated when they go to click on a file and it does not open. Because April Fool’s is on a Sunday, most of these pranks will have to happen before or after the actual day, which could potentially be better because the victims will not be as suspecting.
Pranking friends can be just as fun as pranking family. Simple pranks to pull on friends include: replacing the filling in Oreos with toothpaste, duck taping a harmonica to their exhaust pipe, or even just making funny shortcuts on their phones (like switching no to yes). More elaborate pranks could be putting Jolly Ranchers or Kool-Aid powder in their shower head, or buying a bunch of alarm clocks and hiding them throughout their bedroom. All of these pranks are fairly clean and easy to fix, but the outcomes are still pretty funny.
There are even some fun, and relatively polite jokes to play on teachers. Pranks for the classroom could include calling the teacher “Your Majesty,” asking where babies come from, and laughing obnoxiously at anything your teacher says. Some of these pranks can get annoying to some teachers though, so be aware of when you are on their last nerve.  
Pranks are a fun way to get closer to your friends, and show that you have a good sense of humor. Enjoy April Fool’s day because it is a great day to do silly things with little to no consequence.


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