Friday, March 30, 2018

Ripley Students Work in Co-op Program

Ripley High School offers alternatives for students than just different class choices. One of these opportunities is by working during school hours through co-op. Co-op is a program where students get to go to an actual job for half of their school day.

In this program, students have a variety of choices as to where they will work. Some work for the high school,some work for other schools in our county, and others leave school to work for businesses. This allows students to earn money while attending school in addition to their education.

The program is run through Ripley’s Business Department and is aimed to get students ready to enter the workforce. For those who are in it, they report that their knowledge of how businesses operate has increased dramatically.

“The co-op program really opened my eyes when it came to business. It has also helped my work ethic by balancing school and a job”, said senior Samuel Pierson.

Many students feel that the challenges offered by the co-op program is offset by the experience they receive on the job. Overall, the co-op program provides a valuable alternative to traditional electives, at least according to the head of the program Tanya Ball.

“Co-op provides students with valuable work experience and responsibility by giving someone for them to report to. Some students may not know what career path they want to go down and co-op really offers them a chance to see what they may want to do, ”she said.

A total of 31 students currently co-op through the Business Department. Of those, the school has received almost nothing but praise. Alternatives to regular classroom time like these are essential in providing a well-rounded education. For some, spending all day at a desk is not as beneficial as actually getting hands on training at a regular job.


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