Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Students walk out for gun reform

By: Sydney Sayre
          Wednesday, March 14, a national school walkout took place. At 10 a.m. local time, many students and staff across the country walked out of their schools for 17 minutes. Each minute symbolized a person killed in Florida. While some administrators knew their students would be walking out, others were against it, but that didn’t stop most participants.
All across America, protests are taking place for gun reform. After the shooting that took place at a Parkland, Florida high school February 14, young people have started mass protests to bring attention to it. These are protests in different places across the country for the same cause with hundreds of people in attendance. It is known as the #ENOUGH movement.
        The definition of a school shooting is an attack on an educational institution with the involvement of a firearm. So far in 2018, there have been 31 school shootings. Nineteen of these shootings resulted in injury or death. By this time in 2017, there had been 10 shootings that took place in schools.
        After talking to students, principal Will Hosaflook had 17 seconds of silence on Wednesday. This gave the students and faculty a chance to participate while not disrupting the school day and class time.
Senior Brianna McCune says, “It allowed us to show administrators and political figures that we are not afraid to showcase our rights and speak out for what we believe in.”
        An estimated 1 million students walked out of their schools on Wednesday. Some held rallies or protests, and others participated to stand up for the victims of the Florida shooting. This nationwide protest demanded attention for what many of the students were there for—gun violence.


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