Thursday, March 22, 2018

“The Homeless Mission”

By: Lucas Smith

The Evans Church of God is collecting personal hygiene items for homeless people as a way to “show the love of Christ.” The phrase has been emphasized by Rebecca Evans, the youth-pastor at the church. In fact, the Transformed Youth Group at the church came up with the project. They are calling it “The Homeless Mission,” where they will donate items to homeless communities in specific, poverty-stricken areas.

At the beginning of the year, the Transformed Youth Group at the church wanted to come up with an idea where they could give back to the community. Their solution: to donate items to the homeless in Charleston, WV.

The majority of homeless people do not have any resources. They do not have money because they likely do not have jobs. They can’t get jobs because they do not have personal hygiene items to look acceptable in the workplace or for an interview. They cannot buy these personal hygiene items because they have no money. Therefore, the youth-group voted and came to a unanimous decision that they wanted to help the homeless. 

You can basically donate “anything you would use to get ready in the morning,” said senior and youth-group member Chloe Hayman.

The youth-group has set boxes up around the community where you can donate items to the homeless.

“Shampoo and conditioner are the main two things. Body wash, toothbrushes and toothpaste, and deodorant are needed as well,” said senior and youth-group member Megan Hughart.

In addition to personal hygiene items, you can also donate food and drinks that do not perish fast such as granola bars and bottled water. Blankets are also accepted.

The Transformed Youth Group will be going to Charleston on April 21. Someone from a church in Charleston has offered to show the youth-group where a large amount of homeless people stay. The youth-group’s hope is to expand and go to multiple places in the near future for the different seasons. Clothing and personal hygiene items change from season-to-season. The youth-group wants to make sure that the homeless stay as comfortable as possible throughout the year.

The group has collected around 300 items thus far and have gotten big donations from several different places.

“Thomas Memorial Hospital donated a lot,” said Evans.

The youth-group has collected a lot of items; however, they are taking as many donations as possible up until April 19.

Hayman said, “We have gotten generous donations. However, we are lacking on getting donations from the school, which is what we need so that we can supplement the bags that are given to the homeless.”

There are boxes set up in different places around the school and the community including the Ripley High School Music Building, Thomas Memorial Hospital, and the Evans Church of God. If you would like to donate and make a difference, please find one of these boxes or contact Rebecca Evans at 304-991-2395 to make a direct donation.


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