Monday, March 12, 2018

Theater students compete in regionals, states

By: Lilly Sayre

The annual Area II theater competition was held at Blennerhassett Middle School the weekend of February 17. 
“This competition is our gateway to the state festival,” said adviser Christina Iman.
Scoring varies with the events. Individual projects such as makeup and costumes have to be judged and reach a certain score to qualify for the state festival. 
Twelve students competed all together. Out of those two students junior Sydney Scarberry and Sophomore Jane Purkey are advancing with their projects. Scarberry competes in the special effects makeup while Purkey does costume design. 
Scarberry explained, “In previous years I usually would use something from a play, but this year I decided to try something new with the original Cinderella story.” This worked out to her advantage seeing as she achieved a score high enough to qualify for states.
When it comes to the one-act competition, each area sends a certain number of plays based on the amount that competes in the area. This year only one school advanced. Our theater group took home second place, so the one-act play will not be advancing, but individual students from the group will make their way to states.
Several students auditioned for parts February 20 to compete in individual events. These events include solo musical in which senior Maggie Bowlby will be performing "Summer in Ohio" from The Last Five Years. Along with that duet musicals include "Something There" from Beauty and the Beast performed by Senior Kara Hill and Junior Chance Jewell. Monologues include "One Man Two Governors" and "The Producers" spoke by sophomore Issac Bays, and sophomore Evan Bain will be using "Amadeus" and "God's Favorite". The two duet scenes are “The Big Lie” acted out by Juniors Tate Riley And Sidney Sheets, and “Living Room” from the basket case acted by juniors Bethanny Johnson and Elizabeth Crihfield. 
Junior Bethanny Johnson said, “There is honestly nothing like portraying another character on a stage in front of crowds of people.” 
States are quickly approaching, and our theater club has high hopes for their performances. 


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