Friday, April 27, 2018

Kroger launches Clicklist

By: Lucas Smith Kroger of Ripley has launched its brand new “Clicklist” as a way to bring convenience to customers and to help them save time. Ripley Kroger adapted the idea from larger branches of Krogers across the state and the country. In fact, the Clicklist is in a growing number of Krogers all over the nation. Ripley Kroger decided to add the Clicklist program because it has gone well at bigger stores in Charleston and Parkersburg. “It saves time and the money from putting extra things in the cart. You can work from a budget at that point. For me, it’s about saving time. I don’t like to grocery shop,” said teacher Angie Litton. The Clicklist at Ripley Kroger has already seen good use. Many people have used the Clicklist since it was first opened. “We have had hundreds of orders. People really seem to love the curbside appeal,” said Kroger employee Zane Durst, who works specifically with the Clicklist. There is specific parking in the Kroger parking lot that the Clicklist user uses while waiting for the products they have purchased. It is in the right side of the parking lot. The first three orders from the Clicklist are free. After that, a $4.95 fee will be charged for each time you use the Clicklist. Pickup hours are between 7 o’clock a.m. and 9 o’clock p.m, and you must order at least five hours before you can pick up your order. You can reserve your pickup time three days in advance. If you order a product that the store does not have in stock, the employees will choose the item that best matches up with the one you have purchased. This could be as simple as changing a brand or adding up smaller sized products to meet the size of the product you ordered. “We match up the best products we can for you if we don’t have exactly what you want,” said Durst. In order to set up an account for the Clicklist, go to Under Clicklist you will be able to create an account. You register your Kroger card number along with your credit or debit card number. You have to pay with credit or debit in order to use the Clicklist. You will then select a store by location by typing in your zip code. Once you have registered your Kroger card and credit or debit card, it will automatically save it into your account and you will not have to type it in again if you decide to use the Clicklist again in the future.

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Ripley High Students to Visit Europe

A group of Ripley High students will embark on an adventure across Europe June 15-22. The trip is organized through the school and will visit England, France, Germany, Austria and Belgium. Each of the five students going paid around $5000, but the experiences will last them a lifetime.

This is not the first time that a group from the school has taken a summer trip. Last year, 20 students visited Australia, New Zealand and Hawaii. This year’s tour will focus on World War 2 in Europe, and students will get to visit many historical monuments and locations. They will see the beaches at Normandy, Versailles, the Churchill War Rooms and the Berlin Wall.

Students will also have the opportunity to earn college credit while on this vacation. For a price of $300 and a written report after their trip, students could earn three hours of college credit in Interculturalism and Global Exploration through Southern New Hampshire University. Even for those who don’t want to pay for this credit, educational opportunities will be present everywhere. The tour will visit museums and many heritage sites throughout Europe.

Kristin Dewees, one of the leaders on the trip, thinks that the trip will benefit the students education.

“I think that the trip helps students get a bigger perspective of their world and its always cool to see the things you read about first hand and understand other cultures. The historical monuments by themselves are worth the trip, I’m very excited to go”, she said.

Not all learning comes from the classroom. There are countless opportunities around the world to broaden your worldview. All that you have to do is take the chance.

Viva Prom Night!

By: Lucas Smith

Prom is this Saturday, April 28 at the National Guard Armory in Millwood! Promenade will begin at 7 p.m. Prom starts at 8 o’clock p.m.

The theme for Prom this year is “Vegas,” which was voted on by the senior class.

“I can’t wait for the Vegas theme, and I am excited to see how the juniors have decorated it,” said senior Kiersten Templin.

This will be the juniors’ first Prom. However, this will be the last Prom for many seniors at this school.

“I am looking forward to spending time with my friends and making good memories at my last prom,” said senior Anna Kimble.

The Prom Committee, made up of several juniors, will be decorating the armory on Friday, April 27.  

“We are excited to get to work and to decorate a really nice Prom for the both the senior and junior classes,” said junior Sydney Scarberry.

The senior class has also recently voted to get candidates onto the Prom Court. King candidates are Najee Jones, Jacob Casto, and Micah Ranson. Queen Candidates include Addison Hartley, Presley Fisher, and Karlie Hesson. Voting for Prom King and Prom Queen will take place at the dance.

Tickets for Prom are on sale for $30 and will be sold at The Viking Nook in Mrs. Ball’s classroom this week at lunch. Tickets will not be sold at the door. The tickets are in the form of Vegas themed keychains and were donated by the Jackson County Anti-Drug Coalition.  

Prom ends at midnight. As always, drive safe, act responsibly, and please return on Monday!  

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Boys’, Girls’ track working hard

By: Maisie Stout

Track season is well underway, as the team finishes their fifth meet last Friday at home. Both teams finished in first place overall. For many seniors, the meet was bittersweet because it was their last home meet ever.

“It was a great meet. Everyone had a blast and did so well. I am really going to miss pole vaulting with my team after I graduate,” senior pole vaulter Presley Fisher said.

Both boys’ and girls’ teams are looking to having state qualifiers as they have in past years. Last year, the girls’ track team placed 2nd at the state meet. As of right now, the team has many members ranked at the state level including sophomore Tori Starcher who is number one in the 800 meter dash, 1600 meter dash, and 3200 meter dash. After the Russ Parsons meet on April 14, the boys’ 4x200 team is ranked third in the state. The 4x200 team consists of senior Samuel Pierson, Steven Carte, junior Noah Kelly, and sophomore Noah Carson, all of which are previous state qualifiers or placers.

“I think everyone has improved a lot this year. We are definitely looking forward to regionals and having a lot of people qualify for states,” sophomore Gabe Zuniga said.

The track team has been introduced to a new coach, Alex Hoffman. Hoffman mostly helps with the sprinters train and practice so that they will hopefully improve in time and performance.

“Hoffman is very knowledgeable. He definitely knows what he is doing,” Pierson said.

Health teacher Michael Bright remains as the boys’ head coach and continues to help the team reach its potential. At the beginning of the year, Krystle Cunningham and Carrie Starcher were also added as coaches for the girls’ team. Both coaches are excited to be a part of the team and are eager to see the team dominate in their upcoming meets.

“I think our team is doing well. All in all, it is a great team and I am very proud of our girls and boys,” Cunningham said.

The next meet is at St. Mary’s April 27.

Friday, April 20, 2018

Relay teams set records

The relay teams are a special part of the track team and the track events. They must rely on each other to win instead of running by themselves. Girls’ relay member Aurora Huffman said, “High jumping and pole vaulting are independent things. But with the relay team you are very dependent on your other team members to win. I think that’s what makes it special. And we really have some of the best relay members in the state.” The 4x100m and 4x200 boys’ teams are made up of sophomore Noah Carson, junior Noah Kelly and seniors Steven Carte and Samuel Pierson. For females the 4x200m team is made up of sophomores Grace Bumpus and Allison Fields, freshman Aurora Huffman, and junior Cassidy. The 4x400 relay team is made up of Fields, Miller, Bumpus, and sophomore Tori Starcher. The relay teams are doing an amazing job this season. For the boys, the 4x100m relay is ranked #4 in the state. The 4x200m is #5 in the state. For the girls, the 4x200m is tied 5th in the state, and the 4x400m is #2 in the state. Carte said, “I don’t even know how long i’ve been running for sport. But it has taken me years of hard exercising for sure. I think the hardest part about being one of the top relay members is staying in good enough shape to keep your place.” The star relay members have accomplished some pretty impressive records individually. Carte is #4 in the state for the 200 meter dash, #4 in the 100 high hurdles, and #7 in the 300m hurdles. Pierson is #9 in the 100m and #7 in the 200m. Carson is #10 in the 200m. Fields is #2 in the 100m and #3 in the in the 200m. Miller is #3 in the 300m hurdles and tied #7 in the high jump, and Starcher is #4 in the 400m, #1 in the 800m, #1 in the 1600m, and #3 in the 3200m. Catch the track team at their meet this today here at Ripley High.

Monday, April 16, 2018

States sue Trump over Census change

By: Sydney Sayre

Approximately 12 states are suing the Trump administration after President Donald Trump decided to add a question to the United States Census. The states believe that the question is unconstitutional.

The question that is being added is for the respondents to answer if they are a citizen or not. Those who are here under visas or are foreign born take place in the Census as well. Some argue that the question would offer an accurate number of people in the United States. Others say that the question would result in many illegal immigrants not answering, thus giving the Census an inaccurate number.

Social studies teacher Jo Phillips said, “I understand why they have added it to the Census, and if you are here legally, it shouldn’t be an issue. However, I worry it will cause us to have an inaccurate count of who is here, which will affect representation in our government.”

The purpose of the Census is to get an accurate number of the amount of people within the United States. The Census is mandatory by law; however, the U.S. Census Bureau hasn’t prosecuted since 1970. A man in Hawaii was prosecuted then, but his fine and charges were overturned when he provided logical reasons for not filling out the questionnaire. It is not required that you answer all the questions now, though it is encouraged to fill all of them out. It has been proven that Census is more accurate when people are required to do the Census instead of doing it voluntarily.

The suing states include Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New Mexico, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Washington according to the New York Times. Officials in these states say they will join the effort to have the question removed.

The next Census occurs every ten years and will take place again in 2020.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Grease Musical sliding into Ripley High

If you are still looking for something special to take your mother out to on Mother’s Day weekend look no further. The Ripley High Thespians club will be hosting “Grease, the Musical” here in the school auditorium May 10, 11, and 12 starting at 7 p.m.
Auditions for the musical were held a few months ago. The students trying out were asked to prepare a monologue and a song to perform.

Main actors for the parts of Danny Zuko and Sandy Olsson are seniors Lucas Smith and Anna Kimble. Both were ecstatic when receiving the news.

Kimble said, “It is like a childhood dream come true. Receiving the part is something you have always hoped for.”

Many of the scenes will closely follow the well-known movie while others are drastically different. The basic plot is still intact, and the songs everyone loves will be used. The biggest obstacle for the set so far is finding a “Greased Lightning” car. All leads have fell through so they have moved forward and plan to building their very own out of wood and foam.

Junior Sydney Scarberry said, “Grease as a whole is a step up when it comes to musicals and plays we usually put on, since it is so well known. It takes everyone from every aspect of theatre to really pull the show together, from costuming, to lighting, and performing.”

The cast has been practicing nearly every day after school since the beginning of March. Everyone is excited when it comes to performing Grease. The cast is looking forward to getting dressed up and bring their characters to life.

Teacher Christina Iman said, “The kids are almost completely off script and we are ready to start choreography.”

Seniors are gearing up for their last performance together. They are thrilled to be going out on such a high note as a group.

Smith said, “It is bittersweet as it is my last performance since sophomore year, but I am looking forward to bigger and better things in the future.”

The school performance will be the low price of just 2 dollars. While the public performances are 5 dollars for students and 10 dollars for adults. Do not miss the opportunity to see everyone’s favorite movie in action!

Friday, April 13, 2018

Toler places first in archery competitions

Race for WV Congressional Senate underway

By: Maisie Stout
This year the primary election will be taking place May 8 for offices in the WV Senate. Many people are running for Senate, including the only incumbent in the race, Joe Manchin. Manchin, a Democrat, has been a WV Senator since 2010 after he was chosen during a special election when Sen. Robert C. Byrd passed away. Although Manchin has been in office for almost a decade, he is facing a new surge of republicanism after Trump’s win in 2016.

The only other Democrat challenging Manchin, is newcomer Paula Jean Swearengin. Swearengin, a ‘coal miner’s daughter’ from Mullens, WV, is eager to “fight for Medicare for all, universal pre-K, and free tech schools and colleges.”

The Republican race for senate is much more heated. Familiar faces like Patrick Morrisey, our state’s current Attorney General, are in the running. Morrisey prides himself on being the first republican Attorney General in WV since 1933, and supports issues like fighting substance abuse, fiscal responsibility, and establishing stricter term limits.

Evan Jenkins, a member of the House of Representatives, is another contender who prides himself on being a “conservative voice for our state.” During his time as a Representative, he fought former president Barack Obama and his war on coal. Jenkins also supports other conservative issues that many West Virginians value, like 2nd Amendment rights and pro-life ideology.

The tightest race it seems is between Morrisey and newcomer Don Blankenship, who continue to slam each other in interviews. Morrisey claims that Blankenship would not be able to defeat Manchin in November, but Blankenship disagrees saying that Manchin has “abandoned West Virginia.” Blankenship is the former CEO of Massey Energy, which is a major coal company in WV. Blankenship has stirred up a lot of controversy by being a candidate who served a prison term for the death of 29 coal miners at the Upper Big Branch explosion in 2010. He was arrested and convicted for conspiracy to violate mine safety, served a one-year prison sentence, and was fined $250,000. When Blankenship first started to campaign, his competitors laughed, but now he is one of the most popular Republican candidates in the running and is determined to defeat Manchin.

Another Republican hopeful that could become an underdog is veteran Tom Willis. Willis, the Green Beret Veteran, is very military focused in his campaign. However, he also wants to strengthen West Virginia’s economy.  Willis is experienced with business by being the co-owner of the Glenn Ferris Inn in Fayette County.

After the candidates for each party are chosen in the primary this spring, they will then battle until the general election in November. Most seniors have already registered to vote in Jo Phillips’ Civics or State and Local classes, however if any have not yet registered they will be able to if their birthday is before the general election.

Softball team stealing their season

By: Lucas Smith

“There’s no place like home.” Most people connect this saying with the popular 1930’s movie, “The Wizard of Oz.” However, the saying can be applied to the modified all-American sport. The softball team has dominated throughout their 2018 season. Under the guidance of head coach Ken Swisher and assistant coaches Ray Swisher and Dana Hager, the team’s record for the season is 6-5 as of April 13. 

The team began their season with a great opener. They played Parkersburg, who is also in the same sectional. In fact, many players on the team agreed that the game was the best.

“Our best game as a team this season was probably our season opener with Parkersburg. Winning the opening game against one of our sectional opponents put us off to a great start with confidence,” said senior Lexi Miller.

“We all worked well together and played as a team to achieve that win,” said senior Katie Sinclair.

The team was able to start their season with a really positive attitude. That attitude has helped them get through the season because many of their games have been canceled.

“We have gotten a lot of games canceled on us due to weather, and it hasn’t helped us in any way. We hope to change that around,” said Sinclair.

Compared to previous seasons, this season has been dedicated to improving team skills.

“Last year a lot of seniors graduated. We are inexperienced in some places, but I think we are definitely getting better,” said junior Jaelyn Hunt.

Seniors on the team this season are Miller, Sinclair, and Paige Swisher. Miller plays center, Sinclair plays outfield, and Swisher plays shortstop. The seniors make up a small percentage of the team itself, but their leadership and love for the game contributes to the team's success. 

There are no sectional games scheduled at this point because regular season is still taking place. There are around 10 games left for the Lady Vikes. The next home game is April 18 at 5:30 against Capital. Come out and support the Lady Vikes!


My Favorite Part of the Week is the Weeknd

Popular artist The Weeknd just released his new EP this month which has social media buzzing about the recent break up between him and Selena. The titled “My Dear Melancholy” is just what the listener is in for, melancholy. There are no happy, upbeat songs on this. This album has the same mood and tone as his past work. 

The recent split between Selena Gomez and him can be seen since all six songs are about relationships or heartbreak. The most popular song on the EP, “Call Out My Name,” alludes to this recent breakup with lyrics like, “We found each other, I helped you out of a broken place, you gave me comfort, but falling for you was my mistake.” On the same track, he even says, “I almost cut a piece of myself for your life”, referring to when he almost gave Gomez his kidney. This health issue was trending on Twitter because during their relationship, Gomez had to get a kidney transplant.

This new work by The Weeknd isn’t something you listen to and feel upbeat and happy. You can feel his emotion and heartbreak in all the songs. This album only had one feature artist, Gesaffelstain, who is in two songs. The stripped back sound is very reminiscent of his early work, “Trilogy”. “Trilogy” was The Weeknd’s first three mixtapes all put together into one album. Hopefully we can see something similar to that since the title of this EP has a comma after which may imply something is coming after.

I recommend this fine new album because it guarantees to get you rolling in your feels, and have you lost in the words.

Monday, April 9, 2018

Purkey headed to Nebraska for international theater competition

By: Lilly Sayre
March 22 kicked off the state thespians, competition for West Virginia. Among the students attending was sophomore Jane Purkey. Purkey competed in costume design in two categories. With costume design, you have two different designs. You have one that is used in a production put on during states, and another you pick from a set list of plays given to you.

Purkey received first in costume construction along with taking home first for costume construction in an actual play.

Purkey is one of two people headed to the international competition from West Virginia. She surpassed the minimum requirement and received a superior rating to qualify with flying colors. She will travel to Lincoln, Nebraska the last week in June to display her designs to be judged.

When forming a design Purkey mostly uses characters in a play and then adapts them to what she needs.  Purkey’s design that was selected for internationals is based off of a character in the play “The Imaginary Invalid”. Her character is a gold digger who married a sick wealthy man in order to inherit his money.

Purkey said, “I designed her as I imagined, elegant, covered in gold, and just an over the top fancy lady.”

Purkey is often inspired by magazines and television characters. She takes a design she is interested in and changes it to fit her need. She often needs clothes that are comfortable, and easy to take off because of the quick pace in play programs. They also need to fit her actors body types. 

Purkey said, “For people like me, I have a long torso so they need shirts that are longer in length.”
Purkey is considering a future career in design after high school, but admits with today’s economy it is unlikely she will be able to use it as a full-time career. At the least she will continue to design as a hobby. Whatever Jane Purkey decided for her future we know it is a bright one. Good luck at the international festival!

Friday, April 6, 2018

Robotics team emerges victorious in statewide competition

The robotics team won the statewide robotics competition March 3 in Charleston. 
The team worked together and assembled a robot more than fit for the job. 
Robotics team member Alex Lowe said “I was stoked about winning the whole state competition. I mean, there were tons of robots and tons of teams. And to win overall was pretty awesome”

To prepare for the competition, they ordered parts from a robotics website, put it together and coded it so the robot can do specific actions. The robot was equipped with a miniature forklift built into it, along with wheels which are moved by a remote controller. 

To be able to work together and put together a fully functioning robot requires some skill. You have to have excellent work in teams, and skills in building, science and math. 
The objective of the competition is to get the robot to stack cones into zones. There are three  zones and the further the zone is, the more points that zone is worth. The point values are 5, 10, and 20. 

Team member Josh Conrad said “There were some robots that were good enough to make it to the 20 zone, but our robot could only make it to the 10 zone. But that was better than some other robots.”

Some of the robots were not manufactured well enough to make it further than the 5 zone. 

Team member Matthew Bowlby said “The competition was fun. I’m working to become an engineer so it's great to get some hands on experience.”

Now that the state competition is over, the team will move on to the world competition. There is no national competition because after a national competition was over, they wouldn't have enough teams to compete in the world competition. In the world competition,  they play the same game against 42 other countries. 

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Arming Teachers to Save Lives

Political debate as of recent has been dominated by the issue of guns and public safety. Students have recently begun to march and organize to change legislation as it relates to firearms. Americans, on the other hand, have an entirely different solution to solve the problem of mass shootings.

The only way to ensure that no one who intends to harm students will ever come near a school, is by arming teachers. And no, we’re not talking about only arming a few with puny little handguns. The only solution is full military-grade armament of the entire faculty. The proposal is fairly simple in concept. All teachers will be fitted with a standard level 3 body armor, built to withstand even the most powerful of rounds. They will also be equipped with a fully customized AR-15, with a 100 round drum magazine. Perhaps the different departments can specialize in areas of combat. For example, the science teachers may be trained to engage targets from long range, since they often have larger class. While the business teachers could be trained in anti-tank warfare and given bazookas/armor piercing sniper rifles.

Obviously the teachers would have to be trained for these combat situations. I suggest that when the school year ends, we send teachers to a summer long Marine style bootcamp. This training should cover the basics of school warfare: using desks to set up machine gun nests, pencils as close quarter combat weapons, and devising a counter-attack on a chalkboard.

The obvious main objection to this proposal is that it will cost too much. However, I also have come up with several ways of paying for my proposal. First and foremost would be to get rid of all school resource officers. After all of the rest of the staff has been trained, their job would be pointless. Another way to accrue funds would be through the near defunct PEIA. By drawing money from this useless program, we could fund several small armies of highly trained, lethal teachers. If we are to be serious about protecting our students, then it is time to treat the problem like we always should have: by fighting fire with firepower.

Monday, April 2, 2018

Russia tampers with WV election

Recent claims by the West Virginia Voting House are raising suspicions that Russia may have ties with the WV House of Delegates election. As crazy and unreal as this may sound, secret photographs have been leaked of House of Delegates members Andrew Bernard, Ronald Swanson, and Matthew Perry with different members of the Russian government in a secluded meeting.

Many people have been trying to debunk this as fake by saying that Russia would never pay this much attention to a U.S state as small as West Virginia, but skeptics believe that the little attraction that the state gets is exactly why they would tamper with the election.
Russian SQS member Kestrel Bophoh came fourth and said that he had taken part in a handful of secret operations involving attempting to take over all of the states that make up the U.S.

Bophoh said, “We want to start small and slowly work our way up to the big things. We started off tampering with the presidential election, which was huge. We had to stay hidden for a bit while simultaneously trying to take over. So we started off with small towns in various states, then Rhode Island, and now we aren’t sure where to go next.”
However, he mentioned nothing about the recent accusations about the House of Delegates election tampering. Which leads most WV citizens to believe that the Russian government is hiding something.  West Virginia veteran and politician, James Hetfield, is trying to break down Bophoh’s words.

Hetfield said, “I’ve spent time in the army, and law enforcement. I’ve also touched on forensic science. And I know enough to say that Kestrel Bophoh is hiding something from the people of both Russia and the United States. And I swear on the country that I served for 50 years we will get to the bottom of this. And Putin and the rest will face some sort of justice.”
However, West Virginia governor Jim Justice is silent on the whole situation. The primary election is going to be held in May. But, more suspicious activity is expected to arise from both sides before then.

FFA kids breed hybrid animals

By: Sydney Sayre
The FFA students have done it again. For the past several months, the Agriculture Building has been working to successfully breed hybrid animals, and after two successful breedings, they have made their third.

Senior Hunter Burdette says, “I heard rumors of their project a few weeks ago. They have kept it pretty quiet overall.” 

The animal coined with the name ‘duckin’ has successfully been born and has already lived for a number of weeks. Thursday, March 29 was the day the students announced their new resident.

The duckin is a hybrid animal cross, bred from a duck and a chicken. The animal has the meat and egg of a chicken, but the size and abilities of the duck. The eggs that the duckin produces will be sold, along with the baby duckins that they breed.

Senior Sydney Casto says, “Duckins are cool because they have the body of a duck with the look of a chicken. They are so ugly that they are cute.”
Previously, the Ag Building has bred a pow and doat. A pow is a hybrid pig/cow cross, with the size and capacity of a cow but the body of a pig. The pow is beneficial for its size and its meat. The massive animal can be found hiding in the back of the greenhouse, where it munches on the plants all day.

A doat is a deer/goat hybrid. This animal will eat almost anything, like a goat, but have the stamina and the body of a deer. This animal is now roaming the grounds of the high school during the day.

Ag teacher Craig Canterbury said, “It’s not rocket science, anyone can do it. You really have to let nature take its course. We tried the Frankenstein method but the parts just wouldn’t stick. ”

The program hopes to continue breeding hybrid animals and selling products to raise money for more projects with the FFA and the Ag Building. They hope to expand the Ag program to add a farm behind the school.