Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Arming Teachers to Save Lives

Political debate as of recent has been dominated by the issue of guns and public safety. Students have recently begun to march and organize to change legislation as it relates to firearms. Americans, on the other hand, have an entirely different solution to solve the problem of mass shootings.

The only way to ensure that no one who intends to harm students will ever come near a school, is by arming teachers. And no, we’re not talking about only arming a few with puny little handguns. The only solution is full military-grade armament of the entire faculty. The proposal is fairly simple in concept. All teachers will be fitted with a standard level 3 body armor, built to withstand even the most powerful of rounds. They will also be equipped with a fully customized AR-15, with a 100 round drum magazine. Perhaps the different departments can specialize in areas of combat. For example, the science teachers may be trained to engage targets from long range, since they often have larger class. While the business teachers could be trained in anti-tank warfare and given bazookas/armor piercing sniper rifles.

Obviously the teachers would have to be trained for these combat situations. I suggest that when the school year ends, we send teachers to a summer long Marine style bootcamp. This training should cover the basics of school warfare: using desks to set up machine gun nests, pencils as close quarter combat weapons, and devising a counter-attack on a chalkboard.

The obvious main objection to this proposal is that it will cost too much. However, I also have come up with several ways of paying for my proposal. First and foremost would be to get rid of all school resource officers. After all of the rest of the staff has been trained, their job would be pointless. Another way to accrue funds would be through the near defunct PEIA. By drawing money from this useless program, we could fund several small armies of highly trained, lethal teachers. If we are to be serious about protecting our students, then it is time to treat the problem like we always should have: by fighting fire with firepower.


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